Anatomy of Evil

A Barker & Llewelyn Novel, #7

Barker & Llewelyn are back, patrolling the streets of Whitechapel. Scotland Yard has asked for help in catching a killer who’s slaughtering the prostitutes walking the streets. Fears are running high, and some are afraid of a pogrom against the Jews as rumors fly about the mysterious murderer. Barker and Llewelyn close up shop and join the force, searching out leads and looking for clues, hoping to catch the killer before he strikes again. But even London’s most renowned private enquiry agent and his assistant may not be able to stop the man known as Jack the Ripper.

It is always a happy day when there is a new book by Will Thomas. His writing brings the very streets of Victorian England alive, with characters that leap off the page. I always finish his books with a craving for gunpowder tea and a meat pie, feeling utterly English after reading about Barker and Llewelyn. My only concern with “Anatomy of Evil” is that it felt disconnected from the previous book, leaving previous plot twists unresolved. But this was still an outstanding book, another great entry in a series that all fans craving a Sherlock Holmes fix should pick up.

Book Blurb for Anatomy of Evil

Cyrus Barker is undoubtedly England's premiere private enquiry agent. With the help of his assistant Thomas Llewelyn, he's developed an enviable reputation for discreetly solving some of the toughest, most consequential cases in recent history. But one evening in 1888, Robert Anderson, the head of Scotland Yard's Criminal Investigation Department (CID), appears at Barker's office with an offer. A series of murders in the Whitechapel area of London are turning the city upside down, with tremendous pressure being brought to bear on Scotland Yard and the government itself.

Barker is to be named temporary envoy to the Royal Family with regard to the case while surreptitiously bringing his investigative skill to the case. With various elements of society, high and low, bringing their own agenda to increasingly shocking murders, Barker and Llewellyn must find and hunt down the century's most notorious killer. The Whitechapel Killer has managed to elude the finest minds of Scotland Yard--and beyond--he's never faced a mind as nimble and a man as skilled as Cyrus Barker. But even Barker's prodigious skills may not be enough to track down a killer in time.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2015 5.00