An Earl to Enchant

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An Earl to Enchant

The last in the Rogues Dynasty Series, but it can stand on its own

Lord Morgandale and his two cousins were known for being dashing rogues, but now his cousins have married and settled down. Morgan is determined that he will not be leg-shackled so he retires to his country estate. But he quickly finds that he is missing female companionship so he arranges for a high-paid weekend companion. When Arianna Sweet turns up on his doorstep, late at night and dripping wet, he believes she is his entertainment, but Morgan is quickly disabused of that notion. Arianna Sweet has traveled all the way from India after her father's muder looking for Morgan's now deceased grandmother, seeking her help to announce research findings that people have already killed for. Arianna isn't sure who to trust now. Morgan and Arianna struggle with their attraction to each other, keeping secrets that could leave someone hurt or worst.

Amelia Grey has penned another entry in her series The Rogues' Dynasty with her latest novel An Earl To Enchant. It's an easy, enjoyable read with a fast-paced plot and interesting characters. Having missed the first two in the series, I will be going back to read them. Plus, Amelia Grey has introduced a plot twist that ensures this isn't the final book in the series.

Book Blurb for An Earl to Enchant

Young Miss Arianna Sweet, in grave danger after her father's death, rushes to his old friend Lady Elder—but her protectress has passed away, and now Arianna must rely on Lady Elder's dashing grandson, Lord Morgandale. Having watched his cousins surrender their freedom to two beautiful young ladies (A Duke To Die For, A MarquisTo Marry) Morgandale is determined to elude the parson's mousetrap. But can he save the lady without losing his heart?

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2010 3.75