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Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter, #22

I've been reading Laurell K. Hamilton since the second or third book came out, so I always pick up the newest Anita Blake book. With the last few books getting a little too sexually graphic for my taste, my pleasure in the series has dimmed a little. But I’d heard that the author was dialing back the extreme sex, so I was interested to read her newest book “Affliction” and see how it was handled. I found the book action-packed and well-written, and the sex scenes much more palatable for my more pedestrian tastes. "Affliction" reads more like the earlier books in the series. This is a welcome addition to the Anita Blake series, and makes the wait between books worth it.

Anita Blake has battled a number of supernatural creatures and proven herself every time. So zombie attacks should be nothing for the zombie expert she is. Except these zombies are unlike anything that Anita has ever faced before, and they don’t seem to answer to any of the normal rules. When Micah’s estranged father is the latest victim, Anita is called in to help try to track down the zombies and their maker. But the zombie expert may find herself a zombie victim instead, along with some of the men she loves most.

Book Blurb for Affliction

Some zombies are raised. Others must be put down. Just ask Anita Blake.

Before now, she would have considered them merely off-putting, never dangerous. Before now, she had never heard of any of them causing human beings to perish in agony. But that’s all changed.

Micah’s estranged father lies dying, rotting away inside from some strange ailment that has his doctors whispering about ?zombie disease.”

Anita makes her living off of zombies ?but these aren’t the kind she knows so well. These creatures hunt in daylight, and are as fast and strong as vampires. If they bite you, you become just like them. And round and round it goes?

Where will it stop?

Even Anita Blake doesn’t know.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2013 4.00