A Hard, Cruel Shore

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A Hard, Cruel Shore

Alan Lewrie Naval Adventures

With “A Hard, Cruel Shore” Dewey Lambdin continues Captain Alan Lewrie’s ongoing Naval adventures. After helping remove the army from Corunna, Lewrie’s ship, HMS Sapphire, suffers damage from lightning. With some smooth talking he is able to convince the Admiralty into repairing his ship and sending him and his crew back into action. Sent to Lisbon to harass the French, Lewrie is able to re-connect with Madalena Covilha, his mistress from Gibraltar. But facing the dangers, both on the sea and on land, may find Lewrie ashoal on the reefs before he knows it.

Nautical fiction is not my normal cup of tea but there is something just down-right engaging about the Lewrie series. With a historically accurate plot, vivid descriptions and interesting and madcap characters come together to create books that have the reader eagerly turning pages. Lewrie is a scamp you love to root for, with his tendency to shoot first and ask questions later, all while hopping into bed with beautiful ladies. Dewey Lambdin has a series that will grab you from book one and never let go.

Book Blurb for A Hard, Cruel Shore

“You could get addicted to this series. Easily.”---The New York Times Book Review

In Dewey Lambdin's A Hard, Cruel Shore, the year 1809 starts out badly for Captain Alan Lewrie, Royal Navy, and his ship, HMS Sapphire. They’ve extracted the sick, cold survivors of Sir John Moore’s army from disaster at Corunna, got hit by lightning while escorting the army to England, and suffered a shattered mainmast which may end Lewrie’s active commission if a replacement can’t be found or fashioned soon; Admiralty needs troopships, not slow, old Fourth Rate two-deckers, so Lewrie must beg, borrow, steal, and gild the facts most glibly if he wishes to keep her and her skilled crew together.

Just when he imagines he’s succeeded, new orders come appointing him a Commodore over a wee squadron assigned to prey upon French seaborne supply convoys off the treacherous north coast of Spain, better known as the “Costa da Morte,” the Coast of Death, where the sea may be more dangerous to him and his ships than the French Navy! Basing out of newly won Lisbon, where Lewrie hopes his mistress from Gibraltar, Maddalena Covilhá, might move, he’s sure of one thing: it’s going to be a rocky year that, hopefully, doesn’t involve wrecking on the rugged shores of Spain!

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2016 4.50