Twisted Sisters

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Twisted Sisters

Aspen Brooks survived her senior year and being stalked and kidnapped in the Revenge of the Homecoming Queen and now she's about to enter her first year of college at in Twisted Sisters. And Aspen expects things to go much smoother than last year and things are already looking up. Detective Harry Malone is paying for her tuition, her boyfriend Rand Bachrach is going to State with her instead of to Harvard and they're in the same dorm one floor from each other.

And in what is supposed to be the best time of her life, Aspen is soon faced with the realities of life in college. Though she gets accepted into Zetas, her reasons for joining aren't exactly sisterhood. Harry's niece Mitzi, who went missing last semester, was a Zeta. She wants to find out what happened to Mitzi and she isn't the only one. Rand's misogynistic roommate, Samuel "Koop" Wynkoop, also wants to solve the mystery surrounding Mitzi's disappearance. Plus as they get caught up in college life, she and Rand start to grow apart. Will Aspen be able to solve the mystery of Mitzi's disappearance? Will Rand and her relationship survive the first year of college? Is Koop's motive pure or is there an ulterior motive behind his actions?

Twisted Sisters was a quick, fun and easy read. The twists and turns of the plot, crazy characters and mystery will keep you turning pages. Aspen's growth and maturity from the first book to this one was refreshing. If you're looking for a gripping, engaging thriller don't let the fact that is a teen/young adult book stop you from reading Twisted Sisters.

Book Blurb for Twisted Sisters

At first it felt good to be wanted by the Zeta sisters. After a senior year that involved slashed tires and kidnapping, I thought, Aspen Brooks, how can it get any worse? I swear on my Juicy Couture, it can. It seemed like the pinch-me-I'm-dreaming deal of the decade-Detective Harry Malone paying my tuition (after Mom blew my college fund on her shopping addiction), I got into the most famous sorority on campus. And my hottie bf Rand is at the same school! Then it got creepy... Joining the Zetas wasn't just a social stepping stone for me, though. Harry's niece, Mitzi, was a member, and she's disappeared-he suspects foul play. Judging by some of the secrets my sisters hide beneath their cotton-candy pink exteriors, I have to agree, and I want to find out the real scoop. Meanwhile, I'm not seeing much of Rand...but I'm seeing way too much of his rich roommate, who's fallen hopelessly and psychotically in love with me. Not everyone appreciates my fabulous presence, though. Even some people who call themselves my 'sisters' could be out to make me disappear just like Mitzi...

Night Owl Reviews May, 2008 4.50