Transgression : A Novel of Love and War

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Transgression : A Novel of Love and War

Adele Georges is looking for her father who was captured by the Nazis. As she tries to find him, she meets a German soldier named Manfred. Manfred befriends Adele and tries to help her. This is the beginning of a romance and a conflict which deals with war, collaboration, death, family loss, maturity, displacement, trauma and discrimination. Dangerous love affairs which cross political lines is at the heart of this dramatic novel.

Transgression is a gripping, complex and fascinating story. It tells the story of love, loyalty and betrayal during World War II and shows how personal needs and desires come into conflict with loyalty to family and homeland.

This book will hold your attention and is a page turner which makes you want to shut out the world and get further into this richly detailed, hard to put down story. I highly recommend this book to anyone who loves mysteries, a touch of romance and history. Mr. Nichols pens a wonderfully beautiful story steeped in the realities of love and war.

Book Blurb for Transgression : A Novel of Love and War

How can love survive a brutal time?

In 1946 in North America, a child makes a grisly find in a deserted field-a discovery that opens a shuttered window on a secret dating back to the beginning of the turbulent decade.

In 1941 in occupied France, Adele George's fruitless attempts to learn the whereabouts of her father, captured by the Nazis, lead her to a lonely young German soldier far from home. A spark between them becomes a fire-and a dangerous love affair blooms across enemy lines, dooming Adele to a grim postwar existence as a despised outcast, one of the infamous "horizontal collaborators."

Ostracized, tortured, tormented, she chooses a desperate escape, accompanying a war-damaged yet optimistic Allied soldier across an ocean to a new land. But there is no refuge from the past, as Adele's broken heart and shameful secret drive her deeper into despair . . . and toward a shocking outcome.

Part mystery and part love story-an unforgettable and beautifully written novel of secrets, passions, and consequences-Transgression is an exceptional work of power and strange beauty.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2009 3.75