Touch Me, Please Me

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Touch Me, Please Me

Author Cedric Compton's research keeps coming back to one name - Sahara Baker. Sahara Baker is part of an elite line of Witches known as the Desirable known for their beauty, power and sexual prowess. When Cedric shows up at her doorstep late one night, he almost thinks he has the wrong place until he sees the Desirable Shield on the doorknocker. This begins a journey that neither of them foresaw, was prepared for or would soon forget.

Touch Me, Please Me was a very steamy story. Ms Blue has created wonderful, captivating characters, which will enchant readers and have them wanting more. A fabulous read and engrossing story, this page turner will delight readers with its strong storyline and perfect for readers who wants more than just sex in their erotic stories.

Book Blurb for Touch Me, Please Me

She's sexy, she's powerful, she's immortal and she's promiscuous-and if that's not enough she's about to battle one of the strongest Phantoms to walk the face of this earth. That is, if she can ever get enough of the dangerously attractive novelist who just showed up on her doorstep.

Sahara Baker is a Desirable Witch-one of an elite legion of witches as beautiful as they are powerful. Sex she can have, in spades; it's almost a calling. But the laws of the Desirables forbid commitments of any kind.

That's never been a problem before now.

Cedric Compton is a bestselling fantasy novelist researching paranormal disturbances for his next novel. He stumbles across the legend of the Desirable Witches, so, curious and horny, he heads to the town of Mystic.

Cedric's looking for answers, but when Sahara opens the door reeking of sensuality, his research takes a turn for the up close and personal. That's fine with Cedric. He's open-minded enough to accept the woman he's falling for's a witch, and brave enough to stand by her side in a fight.

Her professional commitment phobia, though, that's another matter. So he'll help her kill the Phantom, while he tries to gain her love.

Publisher's Note: this book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: Female/female sexual interaction, f/f/m m‚nage, violence.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2007 4.75