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Tease : Stories

Steamy Short Stories

Tease: Steamy Short Stories is a collection of eleven stories and was a quick and easy read. Ms Black's book is filled with great storytelling and fantastic, creative sex scenes. Tease: Steamy Short Stories is a smooth, captivating and entertaining read. Each story captures a different lover and tells the story behind why they are placing a personal ad. The stories were funny, touching, romantic, realistic and kinky. But don't think that the stories are just sex, sex, sex. Though saucy, sexy and steamy, every story has a unique perspective and voice on love and sex. Tease: Steamy Short Stories is a pageturner which you will not want to put down once you start reading it.

Book Blurb for Tease : Stories


In her highly anticipated fiction debut, LaDawn Black shares an irresistibly seductive collection of erotic tales that is sure to tease your imagination in the most unexpected and titillating ways.

High maintenance chick looking for her next benefactor. Wants the best and can give the best. Only men that are already what they aspire to be need to reply. TS6235

I love cheaters. Hitched women are my passion. Looking for a wife to play with. Fun and games with an erotic spin are my specialty. TS210

These are just a sampling of the “Hot Sheet” personal ads running in TEASE, a Baltimore newspaper. In this inhibition-free zone, anyone and everyone can let out their inner freak and find ravishing, willing partners.

From a divorcée who moves to a quaint seaside town and generates heat with a man half her age to two strangers who generate a lustful charge by letting passerbys watch them get it on in the park at night, every one of these steamy stories pushes boundaries, exposes taboos, and inspires pulse-pounding excitement–to both to those inhabiting them and those reading them.

With a provocative ad opening each delicious chapter, Tease dares to answer the question we’ve all asked while taking a voyeuristic ride through the personals: Who would do that? In these pages you might discover that the hottest fantasy belongs to you.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2009 4.75