Sorcery and the Single Girl

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Sorcery and the Single Girl

Jane Madison is a witch in training. And she must face the Washington Coven and complete the test they give her to see if she meets the coven's high standards. If she wins, she becomes one of Hecate's Daughters. But if she loses, she loses everything, including her familiar, Neko and her hunk of an instructor David Montrose. Will Jane pass the test? Or will she fail? Will she learn to trust her powers? And what will she learn along the way about herself and her friends?

A benefit of reading works that are part of a series is that you get to see how much the characters within the series have changed, grown or adapted to their life's circumstances and changes. With Sorcery and the Single Girl being only the second book in this series, I didn't expect much in the way of character growth. But what I did get was a lot of enjoyment and a fun read. Sorcery and the Single Girl was just as enjoyable as the first. Although it isn't a requirement to have read the first book I do think reading the books in order would be of benefit to any reader who hasn't picked up the first book (Girl's Guide to Witchcraft)

Book Blurb for Sorcery and the Single Girl

Those TV witches have got it made . . . Wiggle a nose. Dinner's on the table! Hop on a broom. Next stop, Tahiti!

Unfortunately, nose-wiggling doesn't cut it in real life. So witch or not, Jane Madison must deal with her insane work schedule, best-friend drama and romantic dry spell like everyone else.

But now the exclusive Washington Coven wants Jane to join. This could be a dream come true for the magical misfit, or it could be the most humiliating experience of her life. Either way, the crap's gonna hit the cauldron because Jane is about to be tested in ways she's never imagined -- and, pass or fail, nothing will ever be the same.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2007 4.50