Seduced By Darkness

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Seduced By Darkness

Darkness Trilogy, book3

Seduced by Darkness is the third in Lacey Savage's Darkness trilogy following Summoning Darkness and Darkness Becomes Her. And all though this book is a stand alone and can be read without reading the other two first, I do recommend reading the first two for better understanding of the storyline and characters.

In Seduced by Darkness, we meet up with Heidi Cole and Luke Howard as they have just survived a battle with the Devil and are on the run for their lives, hoping to hold on to their freedom. They and Varin, a third member of the trio, have been separated.

This story took a lot longer for me to get into than it should. There were some parts which left me scratching my head and wondering. I understand that the story is an erotic romance but one particular problem I had with the opening is that they are on the run from an army of demons. Driving, stopping only to eat, sleep and fuel the car, Luke begins to explore Heidi sexually. I don't know if the scene was meant as Luke's way of distracting Heidi from the circumstances but to this reader it seemed illogical.

Overall though, once I was able to get into Seduced by Darkness it was a good read..

Book Blurb for Seduced By Darkness

Heidi Cole and Luke Howard may have survived an encounter with the Lord of the Underworld himself, but the price they had to pay for their freedom -- if you can call it that -- was much too high. Now, separated from Varin, the third member of their trio, they're on the run from an army of darkness intent on hunting them down and delivering them to their Master. Hell's spawns will stop at nothing to see Heidi and Luke reunited with their lover. in an everlasting nightmare.

With only determination and fierce passion on their side, Luke and Heidi are driven not only to rescue Varin from his eternal prison in the depths of Hell, but also to outrun, outsmart and outlast the forces of evil.

And the only way that'll happen is if Luke makes the ultimate sacrifice and gives himself over to another man. body and soul.

Two men. One body. And damn, a girl can only take so much darkness before she succumbs to its seductive call.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2007 3.00