Secret Diary of a Call Girl

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Secret Diary of a Call Girl

Secret Diary of a Call Girl by Belle De Jour was not what I expected when I first picked up the book. It was an interesting read, set in diary style, full of interesting tidbits or antidotes. Surprisingly to me though, the book had a touch of humor when recalling different events and encounters with clients. This book is about Belle’s adventures so the other characters presented are not as fleshed out, as this is a memoir. Also, this isn’t a raw, gritty, detailed tale of life as a prostitute, if you are expecting that sort of read, Secret Diary of a Call Girl is not the book for you. Admittedly, there were parts I wanted to skim but I kept reading. Secret Diary of a Call Girl was a fun read, something to pick up on a rainy, lazy day.

Book Blurb for Secret Diary of a Call Girl

This internationally celebrated memoir is now a new Showtime original series.
Belle couldn't find a job after University. Her impressive degree was not paying her rent or buying her food. But after a fantastic threesome with a very rich couple who gave her a ton of money, Belle realized that she could earn more than anyone she knew--by becoming a call girl. The rest is history. Belle became a 20-something London working girl--and had the audacity to write about it--anonymously. The shockingly candid and explicit diary she put on the Internet became a London sensation. She shares her entire journey inside the world of high-priced escorts, including fascinating and explicit insights about her job and her clients, her various boyfriends, and a taboo lifestyle that has to be read to be believed. The witty observations, shocking revelations, and hilarious scenarios deliver like the very best fiction and make for a titillating reading experience unlike any other.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2008 3.00