Scions: Revelation

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Scions: Revelation

Silhouette Nocturne Series #53

Caine Greennard is losing control over his ability to shift. Caine decides to leave his pack and goes off on his own. He’s afraid he’s becoming a zerker (when a werewolf is trapped in his musk form and unable to shift back). Caine lives among humans in lieu of wearing a chain that would stop him from shifting at all.
Emma Gray has a strangely acute sense of smell, which eventually leads her to Caine. Emma spends a lot of time taking care of her elderly aunt, Mary. So Emma is a bit naïve and trusting, maybe too much so. Emma’s aunt is kidnapped. Emma goes to Caine who offers his help to find Aunt Mary. Together they begin to investigate and this is of course when everything begins to change for Emma (and Caine). Will they find Aunt Mary? What else will be uncovered during their investigation? And will the attraction they fill towards each other turn to love?
Scions: Revelation is the third book in the Scions series (Scions: Resurrection, Scions: Insurrection) by Patrice Michelle. And while you do not have to have read the other two stories to understand this one, the first two books are also great stories. Ms Michelle has built a wondrous, dynamic and interesting world. Scions: Revelation was a fast paced, action filled and exciting read. This is the perfect book (or series) to read on a cold or rainy weekend because you will be lost in its pages.

Book Blurb for Scions: Revelation

Caine Grennard is a werewolf, living among humans and lacking purpose—until the night he meets a woman with an exotic, irresistible scent. A woman who might be his deadliest enemy.

When her aunt is kidnapped, Emma Gray swears she'll do anything to get the older woman back. Even if it means trusting the mysterious—and sexy—stranger named Caine.

But more is at stake than one woman's life: Emma's past holds the last key to unlocking a prophecy Caine's clan is depending on. The fates of both their clans rest on Caine and Emma trusting the impossible, electric connection between them, even in the midst of betrayal.…

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2008 4.75