Scions: Insurrection

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Scions: Insurrection

Scions Series: Book 2

Scions: Insurrection is book two in the Scions series by Patrice Michelle. Readers who enjoyed the first book (Scions: Resurrection with the delicious hero Jachin Black) will definitely enjoy this book which is Landon Rourke's story.

Landon Rourke is an extremely sexy werewolf and private investigator who's watched over Detective Kaitlyn McKinney most of her life. One night Kaitlyn answers a call about trouble in the park. What she discovers isn't kids playing around but what looks like the remains of a humanlike body. Unbeknownst to Landon, Kaitlyn has the ability to see auras and she perfectly describes the remains of one of Landon's missing pack members. She asks for his help with her investigation. However, the secret he is keeping from her may tear their budding relationship apart before it really gets a chance to begin. Will Landon be able to tell Kaitlyn the truth about himself and his connection to her? Will they discover what is really going on in their city? Will Kaitlyn be able to accept Landon's secret?

Scions: Insurrection was an engaging and enjoyable read which drew me into the story almost immediately. The world Ms Michelle created in this series is immense, diverse and vibrant. Filled with intrigue and romance, mystery and passion, twists and turns, Scions: Insurrection is a sexy, powerful story about love and forgiveness.

Book Blurb for Scions: Insurrection

Humanity had reason to fear vampires. But they didn't know about werewolves. Yet. When Detective Kaitlyn McKinney responded to a call about a strange, burned body, she discovers something far more complicated – and dangerous. Landon Rourke is a werewolf, exiled from his pack and dedicated to keeping a protective watch over Kaitlyn. A prophecy has said that his kind and vampires would one day come to a truce. But that day has yet to come. Landon has his own past to deal with, too, involving Kaitie herself. A dark truth that has kept them apart for years. When Kaitlyn gets caught up in the battle between vampires and werewolves, their long-simmering attraction ignites. And in that attraction, they find the secret that will bring them together...

Night Owl Reviews May, 2008 4.50