This book is part of the Hunters for Hire series. It is a stand-alone book.

Savage returns from a mission, tired and ready for a break. He needs his wife, Alaya and is about to go see if she wants him or wants to end their marriage. It's been three years since Savage has seen Alaya. She screamed when he shifted on their wedding night. As he is about to leave, he hears that the planet where Alaya lives has been attacked. Savage of course goes to rescue her. And the question becomes, how will Alaya react to seeing Savage after three years? Will Savage be able to rescue her and the others who have been captured? Will she return his feelings? Or will their marriage end?

Savage was an enjoyable and quick read. It is the first in the Hunters for Hire Series from Ellora's Cave and Cerridwen Press. Ms Day is an excellent storyteller and I really enjoy her writing. Since Savage is a novella, the limited amount of storytelling space available made the story seem to begin and resolve rather quickly. I was able to get pulled into the series and had fun reading it. I look forward to reading more from Ms Day. Savage was a wonderful introduction to the Hunters for Hire series.

Book Blurb for Savage

This book is part of the Hunters for Hire series. It is a stand-alone book.

Savage, a bounty hunter and half-Rabian shifter, needs a woman. He needs his wife, Alaya.

He'd left her alone on their wedding night three years ago after she'd screamed in fear when he'd become highly aroused and started to shapeshift. Now it is time to face his demons — to consummate his marriage or end it.

Fate steps in, sending them headlong into danger. Seeing her again ignites his desire, and jealousy arouses his dominant nature. Using her passions against her, he persuades her to submit to him for all to hear. But even if Alaya can adapt to his feral lust, unseen danger lurks, waiting to rip them apart again.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2007 3.50