Rich Girl: A BFF Novel

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Rich Girl: A BFF Novel

We briefly met Victoria Lee in the first BFF novel, Manderley Prep. Victoria has the life any teenager would love - rich, beautiful and living at home without her parents. But that's just on the surface. She's lonely living in that big house alone, has no experience with boys and the life her parents have mapped out for her isn't what she wants. Victoria also has a crush on Steve Heller who doesn't seem to know she's alive.

In addition there's the minor storyline of Gabe Thomas. Gabe is the housekeeper's son, a fellow Manderley Prep student and environmental activist. There's also the fact Gabe is trying to find out how his mother afforded Manderley Prep and who his father is. Is Gabe related to one of the teachers? And why won't his mother tell him who his dad is? There's also the matter of the class treasurer elections Victoria's "big sister" signed her up for. Will she win? Or will her lack of popularity hinder her? What is Victoria willing to do to become popular? And will it backfire on her? Plus what's going to happen between her and Steve?

Rich Girl was a fast, entertaining read that any one, be they a teenager or an adult, will surely enjoy.

Book Blurb for Rich Girl: A BFF Novel

Synopsis At an exclusive school like Manderly Prep, you really need your BFFs to get you through. Victoria Lee, who spent her childhood in Hong Kong, has been transplanted to her parents' McMansion-unsupervised. Anyone else would think they were dreaming, but for Victoria, it's closer to a nightmare. Life alone in a big house can make you feel really empty. Victoria feels like she's stepped out of the book she has to read for Brit Lit, A Tale of Two Cities. And it's not just Hong Kong vs. San Francisco. It's her parents' Ivy League dreams vs. her own dream of fashion school. And the snotty kids at Manderley Prep vs. her real friends, Cindy and Maggie. Then there's her crush Steve, who doesn't even notice her anymore. She doesn't even feel at home at home-since the housekeeper's son, Gabe, acts like Victoria's very breath is destroying his precious environment. Maybe he's got a point. Maybe Victoria is miles from where she really belongs. Biography Carol Culver is from the Bay Area and is part of the Fog City Divas. She writes bestselling category romances for Silhouette as Carol Grace. This is the second book in her first Young Adult series.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2007 4.50