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Night Life

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This is one of those books where you will get pulled into the rich world that Ms Guest creates and become captivated by the superb storytelling. Nightlife by Elizabeth Guest combines two of my loves - romance novels and Egyptology. And while this book does offer a fresh take on the vampire mythology, that wasn't enough for this story.

Adrian King is the billionaire owner of The Royal Palace hotel and casino in Las Vegas. He's also the former pharaoh, mighty warrior and god-king Merneptah Seti who was betrayed by people who were close to him. One problem though is that Adrian's a vampire or as they are referred to in the Book of the Dead, an Eater of Blood and Breaker of Bones. The other problem is that in this life as in his past one, he's been haunted by a woman he calls The Beautiful One.

When Egyptologist, Doctor Christine Day comes into his casino wearing the special ancient oil Adrian/Merneptah Seti created for the Beautiful One he's intrigued. However what drew Dr. Day to the casino was the realistic replicated artifacts as well as the authentic details in the architecture and throughout the casino. She comes face to face with Adrian King after wandering through the casino studying the artifacts and detailing and comes to a lotus pool. Dipping her hand in the water she has another "waking dream" of the man she's been dreaming about. It is there by the pool that they both realize that this is who they've been fantasizing about for years.

In the midst of finding out Christine is "The Beautiful One" and trying to figure out why he can't read her as he does everyone else, which just makes her more intriguing to Adrian, he also has to do with the evil lurking nearby in the from of his firstborn son, Seth. So the question is will Adrian's past as Meneptah Seti destroy his future with Christine?

While I did get pulled in, I was somewhat disappointed in the romantic elements of the book. There were virtually no obstacles to stop the main characters from being together outside of a minor misunderstanding and pride. Adrian and Christine got together right away and spent the majority of the book together.

I enjoyed the storytelling and was drawn in but there were several other elements, which disappointed me. I understood the soul mates, destined to be together aspect of the story but I was hoping for a little more reason for Adrian and Christine to get to know each other, fall in love and live happily ever after. I wished there had been more exploration instead of the almost instant acceptance, which felt like - ok you're my destiny so we're supposed to be together so we will be. There was no real build up to the relationship or the ending of the book. Which made the romance and relationship feel almost too easy.

While Adrian King is very detailed, exquisite and vividly drawn, readers don't get a full enough or as vivid enough picture of Christine Day, who seems two-dimensional next to Adrian's sexiness and power.

All in all, I will say that Night Life by Elizabeth Guest was a fun, entertaining read. Would I recommend this book to a friend? Yes because it was after all an interesting story. I will also say that I couldn't put Night Life down which is a big caveat for the storytelling of Ms Guest. Overall, while my list of cons is slightly longer than the pros, I did enjoy the story and will most likely buy the next book in this series.

Book Blurb for Night Life

Ancient Egypt takes a bite out of modern-day Las Vegas.

Once a pharaoh, Adrian King has awakened thousands of years later-as a vampire. Now the owner of the Royal Palace in Vegas, he is falling for Egyptologist Christine Day. But others have awakened who will not rest until Adrian is destroyed again, even if it means taking the only true love he's ever known.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2007 3.50