Mating Season

Mating Season is a four author anthology featuring the following stories - No Place To Run by Regina Paul, Flights of Fancy by Dahlia Rose, Midnight Shift by Brenda Steele and A Hare’s Breadth by Dorian Wallace.
In "No Place to Run" Lin Chen is on the run in an attempt to save her family from the wrath of her ex-husband. Lin meets Kyle in the middle of a snowstorm and Kyle is instantly drawn to the damsel in distress. Kyle's unexplained powers could be the key to helping Lin defeat the enemy.
In "Flights of Fancy" Fancy McKee has lived under the shadow of her mother's reputation for years. But she decides to open a unique bakery despite what everyone might think of her. But Tate Hildebrandt's not listening to the gossip, he's looking to be the last and only man for Fancy. But will Fancy be able to hang on to Tate who expects nothing less than a full commitment.
In "Midnight Shift" Lori and Chase are forbidden lovers. He's a shifter and her father is an anti-shifter rights political activist. Just as things are heating up and the lovers decide they want to be together, even if it's only secretly, her father pushes through a law that will make it illegal for them to be together.
In "A Hare's Breadth" Robin is a shape-shifter who hasn't yet met her mate. Until she sees Vincenzo. But Vincenzo's has a secret, which keeps him on the run and could prevent them from being together.

I enjoy reading anthologies because it gives me a chance to try new to me authors. And Mating Season is a well-rounded anthology because it offers a little bit of everything for everyone – shape shifters, contemporary, interracial and paranormal stories. The stories take readers on a journey with forbidden lovers, life lessons, shapeshifters and hot, steamy, erotic sex. With most anthologies there are usually one or two stories that stick out above the rest. I am happy to say that this was not the case for this book. All of the stories were excellent. I would definitely be reading this anthology again and will be on the look out for more stories from each of these authors.

Book Blurb for Mating Season

No Place to Run - Regina Paul

Word Count: 24,000

Lin Chen carries a strong bloodline from the Bunun tribe. On the run from an abusive ex-husband, she has left her native Taiwan hoping to draw her ex away from her family. Driving through North Dakota, she encounters a winter blizzard which forces her to stop on the Standing Rock Reservation. There she meets Kyle Little Eagle, a medicine man. While, it isn’t long before they are close, her ex is not far behind. Can Lin overcome her fear of men and let Kyle help her? Can love and a mutual connection to the spirit world prevent her worst fears from being realized?

Flights of Fancy - Dahlia Rose (Interracial)

Word Count: 19,000

Spring not only brought flowers and sunshine. But it got Tate Hildebrandt outside on a ladder to paint his sexy landlady's building. He fell off the very same ladder after hearing a sexy conversation with him as the star. He looked up to see the woman of his naughty dreams, Fancy McKee. Fancy owned and ran Fantasy Cakes an erotic bakery that was the only one of its kind in Merry, North Carolina. From the time Tate met this gorgeous woman he had the urge to sample her lips like one of the cakes she made. When she decided to take care of him after his fall, he saw it as the perfect opportunity to finally make his move. But with Fancy there is more than meets the eye. Can the new love they found survive the stigma of a small town mentality?

Midnight Shift - Brenda Steele

Word Count: 20,500

Lori lives in an alternate world of humans and shifters. The two barely get along, and recent laws made to track the shifters' movements have not helped relations at all. Lori, a human, with no ambition other than to work at a bookstore that serves nocturnal shifters meets arrogant tiger shifter, Chase who is a college professor. Under normal circumstances, Chase would not look twice at a human, but the fact that he is days from entering his mating season is playing havoc with his senses. Now, not only can't he hide his claws and his furry ears in public, he cannot stop hunting Lori. Despite political unrest in their city, Chase will make Lori his lover.

A Hare's Breadth - Dorian Wallace

Word Count: 17,500

As part of a shape shifting family and having a witch as her best friend, Robin’s life is by no means normal. Things are about to take an exciting yet dangerous twist when a band of Italian gypsies make their way into her life and her heart. Will the man that saved her from being killed bring Robin more peril and heartache than he intends, tearing them apart or cementing them together forever?

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2009 4.75