Leave the Pieces

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Leave the Pieces

Kaden Riggins walked out on his best friend Brianna Miller after one drunken night of sex after she told him she was pregnant with his child. Now back because of his grandfather's death, Kaden finds out about the stipulations in the will. Kaden has to marry the mother of his child, Brianna, and remain married for one year if the family is to inherit anything. Will Kaden agree to the stipulations? Will Brianna let go of her anger and marry Kaden? Can they get past old hurts and get their friendship back? Or will insecurities of the past get in the way of their future?

Leave the Pieces by Lexie Davis is a sweet, touching romance. The characters are flawed but real. The story takes readers on a journey filled with ups and downs but the romantic undertones are weaved throughout. Ms. Davis gift for storytelling shines in this story. Leave the Pieces is a beautifully written, engaging tale, which will draw you in as a reader and touch your heart.

Book Blurb for Leave the Pieces

Eighteen months after Kaden walked out on Brianna, he showed up again. And after the death of his grandfather, agrees to marry Brianna so the daughter they share can receive her five million dollar inheritance. It all seemed like a good idea at the time, that is until Brianna realized she still loved her best friend, Kaden, and he'll never love her back.

Kaden knew he broke Brianna's heart, and it was blatantly clear she hadn't forgotten. But the sweet child they created, the very image of himself, was worth the fight, even if he did end up giving Brianna his heart.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2008 4.00