Jewels of the Nile I

Katie Blu, Delilah Devlin, Katie Hill, B.J. McCall, Cynthia Rayne and Jenna Reynolds

One great thing about anthologies is they are a great way to get introduced to new authors. In Ellora's Cavemen: Jewels of the Nile I there were some stories I enjoyed more than others. Some of the authors seemed to struggle with the shorter length that is requisite with anthologies and their stories felt a bit rushed to me.

The anthology opens with Earthly Pleasure by B.J. McCall where Renee Tremaine's answer to a wounded warrior's need for sanctuary leads to much more than she bargained for. In the next story Erotic Sacrifice by Cynthia Rayne Bronwyn agrees to be the Carnal Sacrifice, but is she willing to do everything that is asked of her. In Hot Under the Collar by Katie Blu takes us to church and a very sexy minister-in-training who isn't what he seems. The next story Incensed by Katie Hill is about finding your soul mate and trusting your heart. In Making the Madam by Delilah Devlin Merry Winslow inherits "Millie's Emporium" from her aunt she has no idea that it's actually a saloon and brothel. And instead of selling, she seeks the help of someone who can teach her all about what it takes to run a brothel. The anthology ends with The Emissary by Jenna Reynolds where Shina, who's a courtesan, has waited ten years to be mated with a man but soon discovers it's more to it than that - she'll be the first human to be mated with an alien.

I suggest you have a fan handy when you read these erotic stories because you're going to need some help cooling off when you're finished with this anthology. There were a few missteps in some of stories and there were two which I had a hard time getting into but not enough to make me stop reading. Another thing to remember is that these are short stories so some are rushed in their endings and declarations of love while in others the character development was sparse. Overall though, Ellora's Cavemen: Jewels of the Nile I was a delightful, entertaining and very sexy read.

Book Blurb for Jewels of the Nile I

Earthly Pleasure By B.J. McCall
Renee Tremaine maintains a sanctuary, a place for celestial warriors to rest and recuperate on Earth. A late-night summons from a wounded warrior sends her rushing to his aid, but this wounded warrior demands more than medical assistance and his mission will change her life.

Chosen by the Celestial Council to seed the female called Renee, Itan intends to perform his task well and complete his mission. When his Earth duty transforms into heavenly pleasure this battle-hardened warrior is destined to lose his heart.

Erotic Sacrifice By Cynthia Rayne
As reparation for the Salem Witch Trials, the locals have made a pact with demons. The Dark Lord, the demon leader, demands a young woman. The Carnal Sacrifice will be used in a magical sex ritual that will bind the natural and supernatural worlds.

Mesmerized by the prospect of sexual pleasure and the chance to become better acquainted with the Dark Lord, Bronwyn volunteers to become his plaything for the night. But the bargain does not only involve her body but also her heart.

Note: This story contains group sex scenes.

Hot Under the Collar By Katie Blu
Emma Leeds can't get sexy Reverend Johns out of her mind since he appeared in her church a few months ago. If her bakery has upped the day-old bread donations, surely it's a coincidence.

Undercover cop Eric Johns has noticed the hot woman who gives donations selflessly. When the drug ring he's trailing uses the bakery as its hub, will Emma be able to prove her innocence while keeping the man she has come to love?

Incensed By Kate Hill
Cyril allegedly matches soul mates through the use of magical incense, but Cori doesn't believe it. When she challenges the handsome fraud to find her soul mate or admit his hoax, they're in for a surprise. Cori and Cyril are meant to be together, yet in spite of the pull between them, she is restrained by ghosts from her past. Only by allowing him to take control will she experience the pleasures she has denied herself. Cyril is willing to master his feisty mate and in doing so finally come to terms with his own tragic past.

Making the Madam By Delilah Devlin
Newly widowed Merry Winslow treks west to claim an unexpected inheritance. Upon arriving, she discovers she inherited a brothel! Rather than being dismayed, Merry's intrigued, thinking it the perfect way to shed the shackles of propriety that have subdued her wild and impulsive nature. Only problem is, she needs to learn to manage her new business. Nathan Boone is amused by Merry's determination and knows the perfect way to begin her instruction. When he opens the peephole for Merry to peer inside as one of the brothel's "soiled doves" pleasures a customer, he reveals the passion hidden beneath Merry's "widow's weeds".

The Emissary By Jenna Reynolds
In the far-distant future, Shina, a courtesan-in-training, is eagerly awaiting the ceremony whereby she will lose her virginity and become a full-fledged courtesan. But that ceremony may be delayed because the Hegemony has encountered its first alien race, the potentially hostile Kjartans.

The Kjartans send an Emissary to the Hegemony. Upon his arrival he requests the services of a courtesan. A virgin courtesan. Shina is chosen for the assignation. She will be the first human to have sex with an alien. Will she be able to please him? And, most importantly, just how inhuman will he prove to be?

Night Owl Reviews May, 2008 3.50