His Toys

Exotica from Ellora's Cave

Melodee Dayton has a problem. The daily object of her fantasies, Sanford `Sandy' Willard, is being fired from his job at Random Toys.

Melodee decides to make the firing letter more personal by delivering it herself instead of sending it through the regular channels. She's surprised when Sanford isn't surprised or upset by his pending dismissal. Sanford has another job lined up already. He's going to be launching his own line of toys, but geared towards adults. But the problem is he needs a subject to do some real world testing of his prototypes. So he proposes the idea to Melodee if she'll agree to spend the weekend with him, at his home to test his toys. A thousand dollars for a weekend of work, testing his toys out so he can gauge her reaction and make sure that every toy works perfectly the way it's intended.

She's understandably surprised by his offer and wonders why her but finds herself unable to say no.

He explains that he's observed her. And Melodee's intelligence, sex appeal, beauty and independence make the perfect candidate to assist him, strictly from a business and research standpoint.

Realistically drawn, smart, independent and honest characters who make it known that they aren't looking for a relationship makes Hot Toys slightly different than traditional romantic stories. But don't let that put you off. The relationship that does develop between the characters is rich, well-developed and satisfying and perfect for them - a satisfying sexual relationship & friendship in and out of the bedroom, with room to grow.

His Toys is a fun page-turner. You will become engrossed in watching the relationship between Sandy and Mel as it unfolds. His Toys is definitely a quick, scorching romp that will have you reaching for the fan between the spicy, steamy scenes between Melodee and Sanford. You can see how through the sexual relationship they've developed, the story unfolds.

Book Blurb for His Toys

Sanford Willard is a crafter of toys. Not your standard run-of-the-mill playthings created for the general public, mind you, but items designed for the woman who basks in her sexuality on all levels. He has one more step to complete before taking the adult market by storm and that's to ensure his prototypes are the perfect complement to a woman's body.

One weekend. One thousand dollars on the table for payment to co-worker Melodee Dayton. Forty-eight hours of extreme pleasure in exchange for her honest opinion.

Two consenting adults. A fantasy come true. Get ready to roll the dice of fate.


Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2007 5.00