Heartless is about Gaius Aelius Draco. His priestess wife, Mehnit, has cursed him because he betrays her trust. In order to possibly break the curse and redeem himself he hopes to find a canopic jar. The jar has had many owners over the past two thousand years and is now in the hands of Anne-Marie Valois.

Anne-Marie is an antiquities thief. And after she retrieves the jar, strange things begin to happen. Anne-Marie sees things she’s never expected and is suddenly face to face with an extremely delicious and intriguing man who is offering to help. But will they be able to stop the dark forces after them? Will Gaius be able to break the curse? Or will the curse end up destroying them both?

An erotic, paranormal romance which takes readers from Ancient Egypt to modern day Montreal. This fast paced story, strong and dynamic characters, great world building and fantastic sex was a remarkable read. Heartless is a fantastic and quick read, which I recommend to anyone who enjoys action, romance and hot sex.

Book Blurb for Heartless

Length: 94 pages

His fall from grace came in the year 117 A.D. Cursed for the last two thousand years, Gaius roams the earth, always one heartbeat ahead of his own personal hell, but always a step behind salvation. Until an irreverent, modern woman crashes through his defenses and teaches him to never give up. Unfortunately, hope always comes with a price.

A curse. A wicked blade. A heartbroken priestess with ancient Egyptian powers. These are the ingredients in Nathalie Gray's latest wild ride, a paranormal erotic thriller about a Roman man locked in a 2,000-year-old death match with the woman he once wronged. Gaius sees no way to break the curse until Anne-Marie, a catburglar with a good eye for antiquities, steals the very artifact he and the priestess both crave. But Anne-Marie possesses more than just light fingers and a spine of steel. She alone can enlighten Gaius and break the dark curse. But only if Gaius is willing to let her risk her own life in the process.

Heartless. It will make you breathless.

*Here's what Nathalie has to say about the inspiration behind this exciting story.

"I’ve always been interested by curses. Not the words (well...), but the power of a person’s hate. I’ve always wondered, what if a curse took shape, followed its target everywhere it went. A tailor made hell. This is such a story. Gaius did a bad thing two millennia ago and is still living his punishment. When Anne-Marie stumbles into him, she can’t resist trying to help this handsome stranger with the wounded eyes. But the curse isn’t done with Gaius. Not by a long shot."

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2010 4.50