Healer's Price

Tarianna is a silver healer. This is her third year working full time. She has been hired by a family to ease the symptoms of Greggor who is dying from a painful disease. By her contract she must first help/heal Greggor before going into the town to help any others who may need her. The price for her gift is her "hunger".

Healing takes energy from her body and spirits. She replenishes this hunger by eating huge meals but there is another hunger that she has to feed. For that, Tarianna uses sex. Tarianna is at odds with what she has to do in order to renew her energy because of the feelings she has developed for Greggor. But how does Greggor feel about her? Will he return her feelings? Or will the price Tarianna pays for healing be too much to bear?

I had a difficult time getting into this story and found that at times it did not hold my interest, which is a problem for a story so short. I must say that Tarianna is wonderfully drawn and readers will emphasize with her. However, given the length, I found Greggor not drawn as fully as he could have. The secondary characters, in my opinion, were more dynamic at times than Greggor. Overall, Healer's Price was a good read and the somewhat bittersweet endings makes up for some of my issues with this story. I think Ms Bern did a great job with the story given the length and I would be interested in seeing longer works from her...

Book Blurb for Healer's Price

Tarianna must pay with her body for the gift of healing she gives to others. When she is hired to ease a young man's pain, she pushes herself to new limits in order to grant him a reprieve from his illness. However, drawing so deeply on her power creates a ravening hunger in her soul. Men are the tools she uses to feed her gift. But there is one man she truly wants to fill that void — one proud, wounded young man whose touch she craves.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2008 3.00