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Everything Nice

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This story was difficult for me to get into at first. I wasn’t sure what to think or feel about the heroine, Michaela “Mike” Edwards. At first I thought she was a bit over the top in her tomboyish ways. This book almost became a part of the DNF pile for me. But I’m glad I read further and gave this book and this story a chance to unfold. Once I got past the first few chapters, I was able to finally get into the story.
Mike loses her job, discovers she’s the butt of her ex’s jokes as “ManLady”, and eventually gets evicted from her apartment and has no other option but to move back in with her father and his new girlfriend. But that’s just the beginning of Mike’s problems. She finds herself teaching a class on “life skills” (aka Home Economics) to a bunch of six grade girls and discovers that she really has no life skills of her own. Mike isn’t your typical heroine because readers may not instantly like or fall in love with her. I know I didn’t. But that’s what makes her shocking and refreshing. And watching her grow throughout the novel is what makes readers fall in love with and route for Mike.
It is when Mike almost loses her best friend Gunther that she realizes some hard lessons and facts about herself. The way the relationship between Mike and Gunther plays out was one of my favorite aspects of this book. Mike’s journey from tomboy to self-confident and secure woman is remarkable and eye-opening. If you are looking for a funny, interesting , refreshing read then Everything Nice is the book for you.

Book Blurb for Everything Nice

Fiercely independent and seriously lacking in social graces, ad copywriter Michaela "Mike" Edwards doesn't do sugar and spice. Mike avoids other women altogether, preferring the company of her hotshot boss, and her only friend—an Australian journalist named Gunther. But when mishandled office politics force Mike out of advertising, she finds herself doing the unimaginable: moving back in with her dad and substitute teaching for 6th grade girls.
Suddenly the men in Mike's life are changing the rules: her father is in love, her ex has made her the subject of his comedy routine, her mentor is in a tailspin, and Gunther is looking like more than a friend. Mike is lost and searching for answers in all the wrong places. But whether she likes it or not, a classroom of kids who need her and a family of women she didn't know she wanted are about to help Mike discover the mother she never knew, and the woman she'd like to be...

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2008 3.75