Business and Pleasure

First in the Lavender Lace series.

Marci Bayne is thePresident of Marshall Media. She doesn’t believe in dating her employees after a very bad end to an affair she had with a co-worker. The problem is sexy hunk Keefe Donegan has just been hired as her new vice president. Her friend encourages her to go out with him since he doesn’t start until Monday. Marci agrees to meet Keefe for a business dinner and they agree to a no-strings-attached weekend fling. They have an amazing time but the problem is Marci can’t get enough of Keefe. And he wants the affair to continue beyond the weekend. But will Marci break her no dating employees rule?

Business and Pleasure was a nice, enjoyable read. I liked how the author took the time to develop the relationship outside of the bedroom. It wasn’t just one wild romp in the sack after another. Marci and Keefe had a great chemistry right from the start. For a quick, romantic and erotic read, Business and Pleasure captured my attention.

Book Blurb for Business and Pleasure

Book Length: Short Novel

Marci Bayne, president of a successful media company, refuses to get involved with an employee. She doesn’t consider it professional, especially after an affair with one ended badly. Enter her new vice president, hunky Keefe Donegan with his black hair and blue eyes, and she’s a goner.
When Marci visits Lavender Lace, a store run by Celtic goddess Ashlyn, she can’t resist the sexy lingerie. Ashlyn convinces Marci to be brave and buy something new, something a man wouldn’t be able to resist.
Keefe is delighted to discover the sexy underwear beneath the president’s business suit. He’s even more delighted to find the sensuous woman inside the president. Their lovemaking is hot and passionate, but he wants more than sex. He has to convince Marci that business and pleasure are the perfect combination.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2009 3.25