Black on Blonde

Book #1 in the Serena Troy Series

Serena Troy is an organic witch and works for the Supernatural Enforcement Agency (SEA) in the Sexual Misconduct Division. Basically put, her job is sex. She's dedicated her life to protecting humans from supernatural beings who use their powers for sexual gratification, without human knowledge or consent.

Recently promoted to Senior Agent, Serena is assigned a new trainee who doesn't exactly fit into things at SEA. Then her partner Senior Agent Drake comes in with what should be a routine case - an orgy. But as they review the DVD of the party, things gets interesting as the sexual residue from the sex spell is especially thick on this case and affecting everyone. They discover there's another organic witch with a fetish for black men and blondes manipulating the humans and using them as her personal sex slaves, Serena has to do everything in her powers to rescue one of the human females from the orgy party. Will Serena be successful? How far will she go to save the human? Or will the sexual residue be too strong to resist and prevent her from doing her job?

Black on Blonde was a sexy, fast paced page-turner. This novella was engaging as well as stimulating and I was able to get lost in the world created by the author. The world building was very detailed but realistic and enabled me to escape fully into this wonderful other world. I read it in one sitting and look forward to more of Ms. Dragon's work as well as a return visit to this world she created. Black on Blonde is a definite must read.

Book Blurb for Black on Blonde

Sex is her life — at least it's her job. Serena Troy is a powerful witch who has dedicated her life to protecting humans from supernatural sexual predators. When she meets an evil witch who matches her powers, Serena has to pull out all her tricks to rescue a human sex slave from a hell dimension.

It begins with a sex spell and an orgy but Serena gets a novice trainee who lets the witch escape. With the help of a sexy changeling, Serena must combat the residue left by the sex spells, which leaves them sexually crazed at every turn. It's up to her to rescue the human while she protects others from the evil witch out to fulfill her own fetish.

Note: This book contains same-gender interaction.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2008 4.50