Between the Gutter and the Sky

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Between the Gutter and the Sky

Jaclyn Donnel is hardworking and dedicated to helping as many people she can despite the lack of funds for the ER department she runs. But the money issue does present problems because she can't do what she wants and adds pressure and stress to her day.

Plus add in handsome Sam Allen who has made it his mission to help street kids get their lives back on track. Though noble, Sam's project takes away resources that Jaclyn department needs. This, of course, creates drama, tension and conflict between the two. Especially because headstrong Sam is intent on getting what he wants, no matter the consequences. So Jaclyn intends to show him how "his kids" and his project effects her job. And he tries to do the same. Will they be able to work together? Will they come to a compromise? Will they see the other has the best of intentions? Or will they always be at odds?

Between the Gutter and the Sky was a thrilling, entralling read which I could not put down. I was immediately pulled into the story and read this novel in about two days. And highly recommend this wonderful tale to anyone who wants a great read they can get lost in.

Book Blurb for Between the Gutter and the Sky

This hunky youth worker is NOT what the doctor ordered! Dr. Jaclyn Donnel will fight anything to fix the inefficient health care system that let her father die. When charismatic youth worker, Sam Allen's expensive new rescue program threatens her under-funded ER, they're bound to butt heads. Sam knows first hand that the only way out of the gutter is a hand up. He's determined to save Tasmania's street kids, regardless of cost and the sexy, headstrong doctor opposing him, until one youth demands a price even Sam won’t pay—Jaclyn's life. They may not save the world, but they might just save each other.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2007 4.00