Appetite for Lust

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Appetite for Lust

Even though Appetite for Lust started off slow and I found myself in the beginning, waiting for the story to get started it turned out to be a good read. I understand and enjoy an erotic romance story that has a slow build, which doesn't have characters just jumping into bed together. But so much time was spent in getting the story started and developing the character's storyline it became tedious. The secondary characters were well drawn and somewhat more interesting and engaging than the main characters. Overall, the story was a good read but to me it lacked passion and heat.

Book Blurb for Appetite for Lust

Clarissa Casale and Sebastian Fortier, two Master Chefs both have shows airing on the food network. Clarissa and Sebastian were once lovers who worked together in Sebastian's father's restaurant. Sebastian had Clarissa fired because of a careless error that lost them an important client. Clarissa worked her way back up that culinary ladder where her cooking show now rivals Sebastian's for top TV ratings.

Zara, the Dominatrix comes into the picture when Clarissa, whose sex life is nil wants to learn how to be sexually aggressive. Zara suggests that Clarissa and Sebastian get together to play her game, i.e. experiment with a lifestyle that taps into the darkest fantasies, namely BDSM.

Zara knows couples who enjoy this freedom of communicating what they want sexually develop a stronger bond within a relationship.

Clarissa once controlled by Sebastian learns to become a top while Sebastian, always in control of his surroundings learns the role of bottoming.

Find out what happens when each begins to communicate and in the process discover a fascinating world has opened up to them in the form of no-holds-barred kinky sex games.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2007 2.75