Any Ordinary Day

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Any Ordinary Day

Genre: Erotic LGBT Shapeshifter Paranormal

Darrien Avanti has been sent to track down renegade dragons. The Jorgenis are hiding among the Top Landers and have abandoned the subway tunnels. They have come to the surface of New York City. But what he doesn't expect to find is his mate when he picks up a stranded motorist, Paul Murray.

Paul has a crappy car that breaks down on his way to work where he has to deal with his jerk of a boss. He's surprised when Darrien stops to help him after only 21 minutes of waiting.

There is an instant, intense attraction between Paul and Darrien and the differences in their characters makes the story that much more interesting. I truly enjoyed the journey I was taken on while reading this book. When Paul discovers what Darrien is, the question of acceptance is in the air. Darrien is willing to do whatever it takes to convince Paul that he's his mate and that dragon love is worth it. Will Paul accept Darrien in his true form? And will he choose to stay in his home or follow Darrien back to the Palian Middle Lands below the Earth's surface?

Any Ordinary Day is an extraordinary read. This captivating story is full of strong, sensual sexy characters. Ms Bacchi is an excellent storyteller and weaves the details of this intricate plot with finesse and grace. This well-written, richly developed story is unlike any I've read before.

Book Blurb for Any Ordinary Day

Genre: Erotic LGBT Shapeshifter Paranormal

Length: Novella

On any ordinary day, a guy like Paul Murray expects more shit from his boss, a new car repair bill, and another lonely night at home. But when his car dies during rush hour, he's rescued by a man who might just make him experience something more ways than one.

Darrien Avanti has an agenda, and it doesn't include the sexy guy he picks up by a smoking Yugo on his way to Manhattan. Renegade dragons from his homeland have breached the Earth's surface in search of their own territory-and human flesh. It's Darrien's job to take them out before more people die. This isn't the time to think about sex, let alone take a mate, but everything about the Top Lander tells Darrien that Paul's the one.

Paul's day-and life-is about to become anything but ordinary.

Publisher's Note: This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: Male/male sexual practices, sex while in shifted form, m‚nage, exhibitionism.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2007 4.50