A Walk After Dark

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A Walk After Dark

Publisher's Note: This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: Anal sex, homoerotic sex, m/f/m m‚nage, sex while in shifted fo

This is the story of Raphael of the Clan Marcus and Miranda, a healer. It also brings back favorite characters as Cyn, Ty and Cassandra. Raphael is returning to the Brethren with news of the ravers but he has a problem. He must keep his beast at bay in order to keep his sanity. Will Raphael find help with the village healer? Or will he be overtaken by his beast? Will Miranda be able to do as Raphael wants? Or will she give in and give him her body?

Between Ms Pierce's storytelling abilities and wonderfully rich worldbuilding, I was transplanted into the world she created and held there on the edge of my seat and with a fan nearby from the heat. A Walk After Dark is a continuation of Ms Pierce's story A Walk in the Woods, while you do not have to read the first book or read the stories in order, I highly recommend doing so. Ms. Pierce's worldbuilding is rich and detailed and you will be missing out on another great read if you miss the first story. This sizzling, erotic page turner packs a punch. A Walk After Dark is a delectable tale of shapeshifters, lust and has made me a fan of Ms Pierce's work. I highly recommend this story if you want an engaging read.

Book Blurb for A Walk After Dark

Raphael is a werewolf in trouble. In order to retain his sanity, his beast must be fed. He must find release in the body of a woman, or he will become the very thing he fights. But flood has delayed his return to safe lands where he may have what he needs without taking it by force. Now, he must rely on the strength of the village healer--to keep him chained, or set him free and feed his beast.

Returning to her cottage after attending a late night birthing, the healer Miranda encounters a traveler in need. He asks for a place to stay, but he will take much more. Torn between fear and attraction, Miranda must find the courage to give him her body, or his beast will tear her-- and her village--apart. She will learn that once a wolf sinks his teeth into her skin, he will not give her up.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2007 4.50