Broken Shine

Klutzy Felicia “Leeza” Hunter is the proverbial bull in a china shop that glass blower Sir Liam can’t resist. Despite his vow of chastity as a Templar Knight and the promise of death should he give in to those desires, Liam can’t resist Leeza and the smoldering heat that rises between them with each touch.

Ms. Gilmer manages to create a believable world, rich with history, inside the real one with characters that are endearing and unbelievably sexy from page one. Liam and Leeza’s adventures have you rooting for their love and cursing their nemesis in the same beat.

Although the ending does seem a bit contrived and rushed, Broken Shine is definitely worth reading. The steamy sexual tension between Liam and Leeza, and the amusing Knights make up for any shortcomings the ending may have.

Book Blurb for Broken Shine

Length: Novel

Love will be the death of him. 

Felicia Hunter earned herself the nickname Leeza early in life, and well as the reputation for being a klutz. How she landed a job in a glass store was a miracle. The bigger miracle is the mysterious designer who brings in the most beautiful glasswork she’d ever seen. Little does she know, he’s an Immortal Knight Templar.

Sir Liam has spent the last 700 years as a Knight Templar, faithful to the Balance Mandate. His charge is to protect humans from all manner mythical creatures. In the past 24 years, he’s become more attached to Leeza than his vows of chastity allow.

The closer Liam gets to Leeza, the more love and need surge through him. His feelings for her bring him to the very edge, but if she pulls him over, he may end up broken.

Content warning, this story contains unbounded passion, a little bite-and-bleed love action and a Knight to die for.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2010 4.50