Wolf in the Fold

Wolf in the Fold is a suspenseful, historically themed gay romance with many twists and turns throughout the storyline. Although it is around seventy pages PDF, it packs a lot of punch for a shorter novel. It is written in first person, and the story is told through Henry Garrett's viewpoint.

The book begins with Henry travelling on the long journey home from town. He decides to stop for a few moments of rest, when he overhears two male voices arguing behind the thicket behind him. From what Henry overhears, it appears that one of the men has an obsession with bloodlust, while the other man seems to be trying to calm the other man down. As Henry continues to listen to the men argue, he becomes afraid for his life, but when the voices fade away, he manages to escape unharmed and he decides to stop at an inn several miles down the road.

When he arrives at the inn he hints at his desire to have a male companion for the night. When a sexy wild looking man arrives half naked in his room, Henry is immediately captivated by the man and they have a passionate night of sex. When Henry awakens, the man-boy is gone and as he checks out of the inn, he finds out that the innkeeper did not send a male companion to him because she couldn't find one that would suit his tastes.

Even though Henry is confused he shakes it off and travels home. He is surprised when he is greeted by the man-boy and his sister. His sister has been charmed by the man-boy, Gabriel, and insists that the sexy man become Henry's valet. As Henry and Gabriel start a passionate love affair, the livestock around Henry's estate starts to disappear. Henry is soon plagued by nightmares and starts to suspect that there is more to Gabriel than meets the eye.

I liked this book. I thought Gabriel was an interesting and mysterious character. Unfortunately, in my opinion he remains a mystery throughout the book and we never really get to know him at all. This was a shame because he was such an appealing character and it would have been nice to learn more about him. Henry was a harder sell for me. Yes, I do understand that homosexual relationships were forbidden during the time this story takes place, but I never felt like Henry was `romantic' as he was claimed to be by some of his friends in the book. I thought he could be cold and unfeeling and there were times I struggled to like him. In the end, he shows some emotion and affection towards Gabriel, but it seemed like it was too little too late.

Another thing that bothered me a little about this book is Gabriel and Henry talk very little to each other. Do they have hot sex? Yes. Do they cuddle and sleep together afterwards? Yes. Did they converse and get to know each other? No. This is one reason why Gabriel remained such a mystery throughout the book. We don't learn very much about Gabriel at all.nor does Henry learn much about him either because they don't talk to each other outside of the sex scenes and because if this, I never really felt an emotional connection between the two heroes, and I missed that.

Wolf in the Fold did have some interesting and suspenseful moments. Even though the plot was a little predicable, I still enjoyed the mystery behind the disappearances of Henry's livestock and the kidnapping of the infant child. Plus, the sex between Henry and Gabriel was pretty steamy at times. There is a light BDSM relationship that develops between Henry and Gabriel as the novel progresses, and even though there was not an emotional connection between the two men, I did definitely feel a physical one.

Wolf in the Fold is the first book I've read my Angela Plowman. Even though I had a few issues with Henry and Gabriel's relationship, I did like the interesting storyline and the easy style of writing Ms. Plowman has. If you are looking for an erotic story instead of an emotionally charged, romantic story, Wolf in the Fold will definitely be the book for you.

Book Blurb for Wolf in the Fold

Genre: BDSM LGBT Historical Shape-shifter Paranormal
Length: Novella

When dissolute romantic Henry Garrett enjoys a hot night of illicit sex with a hired whore he thinks it will end there. What he does not expect is for his one-night stand to follow him home and turn his life upside down, leading him down a path of self discovery with consequences quite beyond his wildest romantic imaginings.

Gabriel is wild, sexy, knows what he wants and is not afraid to bend over to get it but he could be more of a danger than even Henry thinks. Because there is something dangerous in the woods of Garrett Hall, and it just could be that Henry’s wild lover is a threat to more than his lifestyle. Sado-masochism may not be the only secret pretty Gabriel was hiding.

Publisher's Note: This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations some readers may find objectionable: BDSM theme and elements, male/male sexual practices. 

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2011 3.00