Wild Oasis

Wild Oasis is a book filled with mystery, heat and romance. It's the first book I've read by Cassandra Pierce and it won't be my last. I liked the easy style of writing Ms. Pierce has and although I was left with some unanswered questions at the end of the book, I did enjoy it and I look forward to reading other books written by this author.

Jonathan Blake is anxious for a new start. He's just experienced his first real breakup and heartbreak and he's ready to experience some new things in his life. Jonathan up and moves to the desert town, Oasis where the community is more gay friendly than not. The first day at his apartment, Jonathan meets Lynch, his sexy next door neighbor and is amazed how outspoken and curious Lynch is about Jonathan's life. Lynch proves to be very perspective about Jonathan's past relationship and although Jonathan is a little surprised by Lynch, he agrees to meet with him later so Lynch can show him around. As Jonathan and Lynch's relationship develops, Lynch remains a mystery to Jonathan and to complicate things further, Jonathan's old flame show up and everything gets even more complicated. Will Jonathan be able to bulldoze through the protective wall that Lynch has built around his heart?

I really liked this book. Jonathan was an interesting character and a sympathetic hero. He's likable and his self-esteem issues and other flaws make him read pretty realistic. I admit that Lynch was my favorite character in this book. There is an aura of sexiness about him that I found very attractive. I enjoyed these heroes together, but I admit even though I found them interesting and likable, Wild Oasis still fell a tad bit flat for me. There were several things that were not explained and left open ended for me and this caused me not to enjoy the story as I would have otherwise. But, having said that there were also some interesting twist and turns in the storyline that left me wanting to read more about these characters. I hope that this book might be the beginning of a series and this is why the book read like it wasn't finished.

Book Blurb for Wild Oasis

After ending his first serious relationship with a man, Jonathan Blake heads for Oasis, a desert community where he can start a new life. There, he is strongly attracted to his sexy but secretive new neighbor. To his surprise, Lynch seems to return his interest, but flees or shuts down emotionally whenever they begin to get close. To complicate matters, his ex-lover, Dominic, soon shows up and tries to rekindle their romance.

Meanwhile, Lynch is struggling with a unique dilemma of his own. Not only is someone he can't identify trying to kidnap or kill him, but the full moon is looming. He's afraid that if he gives in to his attraction toward Jonathan, the results may be tragic.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2011 3.50