Werewolf Claimed

Big City Pack, Book Four

Werewolf Claimed by Marisa Chenery is a sexy paranormal romance that was a fun and fast read for me. It is the fourth book in the Big City Pack series. The creative and easy style of writing that Ms. Chenery has kept me interested in this erotically charged story from start to finish.

Wyatt's vacation isn't going like he expected it to be. First, he's rented a cabin by the lake that isn't as nice as he was led to believe. Second, taking a vacation alone is a lot lonelier than he thought it was going to be, and third the boat that he's been allowed to use to fish with has an old faulty motor that breaks down on him in the middle of his fishing trip. Lucky for him, a very handsome and mysterious man, Draven, comes to his rescue and a budding attraction between them starts to form.

As a werewolf, Draven has lived for over fifteen hundred years alone. Sure, he has pack members and friends, but nothing keeps the loneliness he feels while living his life without having a mate. But, when he comes across the sweet and sexy, Wyatt, Draven immediately knows that this man is the mate he's been looking for. But, when Draven tells Wyatt the truth about his identity, will Wyatt be able to accept him and his love?

I really liked this story. It's a fast read and has some very erotic moments between the two main characters. Both characters are likeable people and I enjoyed watching their relationship bloom into something special. Since I'm a fan of paranormal romance, I enjoyed some of the werewolf traditions that Ms. Chenery created and found the Werewolf Claimed was a very enjoyable read. As I mentioned earlier, Werewolf's Claimed is a very sexy and erotic read. I enjoyed this aspect of the book, but I would have loved to see Draven and Wyatt really build on this relationship. It was obvious that they were very attracted to one another and even liked each other; I just wish there had been more conversation between them. I wish this book would have been longer because I would have liked watching their relationship really become a strong force to be reckoned with.

Marisa Chenery has a very interesting and informative website. Here is the link to check it out:


I'm looking forward to reading more by Ms. Chenery and will be looking out for more books by her in the future.

Book Blurb for Werewolf Claimed

As werewolves go, Draven isn't exactly a spring chicken. At fifteen hundred years old, he's beyond ready to find his mate and settle down. He's watched as his pack mates introduced their women one by one. But the fairer sex doesn't stir him. He craves the hard planes and strength of a man's body. He yearns for the day when destiny delivers the one chosen for him.

Wyatt has come to Buck Lake to spend his two-week vacation. It doesn't get off to the best start, however, when the bum motor of his fishing boat strands him in the water. Being rescued by a man who can only be described as a walking wet dream certainly improves his outlook. And when he finds himself in a heated embrace with his rescuer, his whole trip is made.

But Draven has a secret. And a former pack member hell bent on revenge would like nothing more than to destroy any chance the new couple has at a happily ever after.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2011 3.75