Use Your Illusion

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Use Your Illusion

Use Your Illusion is a fast-paced, very sexy novella written by Jade Falconer. At just under 30 pages, Use Your Illusion reads like a longer novel. Jade is a must buy author for me. I know when I read any books by this author I’m in for a fun-filled and sexy treat. As with all of Jade’s other books, Use Your Illusion has earned a spot on my keeper shelf.
When Tanner decided to dress up like a girl to attract the football hero in College, he really didn’t think things through. Even though Tanner and Brent have two classes together, Brent never once glanced in Tanner’s direction. In desperation to spend time with the college jock, Tanner convincingly dresses up as a female and attends a party that he knows Brent will be at and sets out to get the man to notice him. When he does, Tanner is unexpectedly filled with guilt for lying to Brent and jealousy over his female counterpart, Nena. Brent can’t believe his good luck when he is approached by the most beautiful girl he’s ever met. ‘Nena’ is gorgeous, smart, sweet and funny and everything he’s ever wanted. But, if Brent discovers the truth about Nena, will he really want Tanner in the end?
I loved this book! I liked the unique storyline and both Tanner and Brent are very likeable heroes. Even though Tanner deceives Brent at the beginning of the story, I came to feel sorry for him, too. His lie not only could deeply hurt Brent, but Tanner too. The chemistry between Brent and Tanner was hot, and I really hated to see the book come to an end. As much as I loved this book, I’m hoping for a full length novel from Jade Falconer. One of the things I really appreciate as a reader is Jade’s willingness to take chances with his heroes and with the naughty storylines. I like that Jade pushes the envelop and gives me something sexily interesting and unique to read. I’ve become addicted to Jade’s stories, and I hope that there are more coming soon!
I couldn’t find a blog on Jade Falconer. I DID find a website for Jade, but it’s a little outdated. There is still some great information about Jade’s other books if you are interested. Here is the link to Jade’s website:

Book Blurb for Use Your Illusion

# of pages or word count: 30 pages
Genre: Contemporary M/M cross-dressing erotic romance
Heat rating: 3 Novas

Tanner can't help but lust after sexy football player Brent. But Brent's straight, or so Tanner thinks, so Tanner dresses like a hot girl to flirt with him at a party.

But Tanner is a little too convincing, and Brent really wants to get to know "her" better. When the truth is revealed, Brent isn't the only who is surprised.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2010 4.75