The Whole Deal

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The Whole Deal

If you are looking for a book with some hot man-love and very little angst, The Whole Deal by Lorne Rodman is just the book for you! It’s a May/December romance that starts out as a heated affair and ends up with true love.
Denny has lived through some hard times in his life. He’s recovering from losing his leg in a horrible car accident, but Denny is a fighter and time and experience has taught him to go with the flow and learn to take things as they come. Sometimes, Denny still gets wobbly using his prosthetic, and one day at the pizza parlor, he loses his balance and ends up falling/sitting at the table of a young man. Denny is immediately attracted to the young man’s obvious intelligence and flirtatious manner. To Denny’s delight, the young man accepts his invitation for coffee afterward and soon the couple embarks on a passionate affair.
Robin has been accused of being a drifter. He grew up as an Army brat, so he’s used to not getting attached to people and staying long in places. When the tattooed, pierced and very sexy Denny practically falls into his lap, Robin counts his lucky stars. Soon, they end up at Robin’s apartment and their sexual chemistry is nothing that Robin has never experienced before. Better yet, Robin actually likes Denny and enjoys being around him. 
As the men continue to see each other, Denny knows that he’s lost his heart to the young, Robin. Denny knows that Robin is a free spirit and will not stay in town forever. Will he be able to convince Robin that they really belong together and to take a chance on true love?
I really liked this book. Both Denny and Robin were interesting characters. Denny’s utter sweetness and the ease he had being in his own skin made him a very appealing character. His determination to see the sunny side of things was really refreshingly different, and I understood why Robin could easily fall for such a stable and loving man. 
Robin was more complex to me. He’s creative in some ways. He wants to be a writer and is obviously intelligent and has a sweetness about him that I really liked. His restless spirit and fear of taking a chance on really having a deep and meaningful relationship made him very human to me. He’s not perfect by far, but he’s a very appealing hero, and very worthy of Denny’s love.
There is A LOT of sex in this book. It’s definitely an Erotic Romance. There were times I thought I was going to have to turn my ceiling fan on high just to cool off. Whew! Denny introduces Robin to some light BDSM play. There is some bondage and spanking, but it’s not over the top, so it shouldn’t offend a reader that isn’t a fan of the BDSM genre. Even though there’s so much sex in this book, I understood that that’s how Denny and Robin communicate their feelings for each other. What they can’t say out loud, they say with their bodies to each other. 
There isn’t much angst in this book. It’s more of a light and very sexy read. It’s more erotic than romance, but it has enough romance to keep it interesting. I thought the ending was very satisfying and I hope that Robin and Denny will have many happy years together. I’m definitely going to keep my fingers crossed for them.
The Whole Deal is the first book I’ve read that’s been written by Lorne Rodman and it won’t be my last. The sexy heroes and the loving passion they had between them definitely appealed to me as a reader and I’ll definitely be back for more!
I couldn’t find a webpage for this author, but I will definitely be on the lookout for one in the future!

Book Blurb for The Whole Deal

Denny and Robin meet when Denny falls in Robin's lap. Literally. Having lost a leg in a muscle car race, Denny wears a prosthetic, which sometimes leaves him unsteady on his feet. It's a good thing, though, as a shared table at the best pizza joint in town soon leads to a night of passion.

Robin, a writer, is footloose and fancy-free and brand new in town. He finds himself coming back to the more mature and settled Denny, loving the way the man makes him feel. But will it last? Will Robin get scared and run, or stick around for the whole deal?

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2010 4.00