The Golden Haired Boy

I knew from reading the blurb that the book, Golden Haired Boy by Scarlet Blackwell was going to be a paranormal romance, but I had no idea what an emotional rollercoaster ride it was going to be before I read it. This well-written and fast paced book kept me enthralled with the two main characters and their story from the first word to the last sentence. I read this book in one sitting and once I finished it, I liked it so much I immediately read it again.

The story begins in the year 1900 with two hundred year old vampire Johann, who has been hanging out at the University quad at night for two reasons: to feed upon young students and to watch the beautiful golden haired boy student in room thirteen. Even though Johann has long given up on finding love or having a companion, he can't help but become more and more fascinated with the golden haired boy, Lucas.

Lucas' innocence and ethereal inner and outer beauty captivate Johann so much that despite himself, Johann can't stop thinking about him. One night when Johann is physically attacked, Lucas happens to come across them and he saves Johann from becoming killed. But, Johann is still injured and even though Lucas tries to get him to stay with him for medical help, Johann flees to keep Lucas from finding out that he's not human.

Even though he knows Lucas will most likely figure out that Johann is immortal or a vampire, Johann still seeks Lucas out a day or two later after the attack because he cannot resist spending some time with Lucas. Even though Lucas is alarmed by Johann at first, he soon warms up to him and a budding friendship/attraction starts between them. But, Johann does not want to poison Lucas' life with his own existence, so he makes himself leave and only visit Lucas once a year on his birthday. As the years go by, both men continue to fall for each other, but with Johann refusing to allow them to have more than a friendship, both Lucas and Johann suffer because of it. Will Johann ever allow Lucas to share his life with him, or will he keep pushing him away?

I loved this book! Both characters are interesting and I thought the story itself had a unique spin to it that made it read very fresh and entertaining read. I wasn't prepared for the emotional angst the characters go through as the story progressed, and I admit I was worried at one point. I hoped they were going to somehow achieve a happy ending and was more than a little happy when they did. I will say that this was a one hanky read for me. There were several times my heart ached for both of these characters and their seemingly unrequited love they had between them.

Even though there are some sad moments in this book, there are sweet, tender and romantic moments between Johann and Lucas that I simply adored. I LOVED watching these two men fall in love and I hated to see the book come to an end. Golden Haired Boy has earned a place on my keeper shelf where I know I'll be re-reading it again many times in the future.

Book Blurb for The Golden Haired Boy

Ever since loitering in the university quad drinking from students, two hundred year old vampire Johann wants the thing he will never have - the boy with the golden hair. He stalks Lucas for years, meeting him once a year, watching him grow into a man until finally, he can no longer take the strength of his own desire. Will he give in to his need to make Lucas his or will he let him go forever?

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2011 5.00