Tears for Christmas

Tears for Christmas by Freddy MacKay is a heartfelt, sweet and romantic read about loss, grief and finding true love once again. Tears for Christmas has a fast paced storyline and is a character driven novel that immediately captured this reader's attention and kept me anxiously turning the next page until I read the last word. Both bittersweet and full of hope and sweet romance, Tears for Christmas fits the bill for any holiday reading this season.

Daniel Galarza isn't in the Christmas spirit. His partner, Luke, passed away six months ago leaving him and their six year old son, Sam, alone for the first Christmas in many years. Even though Daniel is grieving and bitter, he's determined to get through this Christmas by keeping the traditions that he and Luke had built between them over the years. One of those things is volunteering at the local shelter that Dan and Luke patronized. But, as the day draws near, Daniel finds himself barely keeping himself together, so when he meets the handsome and sweet, Gabriel Huber, and they share an immediate attraction and surprising kiss, Daniel's world is changed forever.

I really loved this book, but let me say that it's not always an easy read. Keep the hankies handy because Daniel is grieving and his sadness is apparent and heart wrenching throughout the novel. Daniel has to go through a transitional period where he must work through his grief and learn to heal from the terrible loss of his partner before he is comfortably able to give his heart to Gabriel. One of the things I appreciated about this was even though the story spans over a year's time, Daniel's grief wasn't washed over, but was something that all of the characters in the book had to work through too. I thought that both Daniel and Gabe were likeable characters that were well suited and fit well together. I was glad to see them work through misunderstandings, grief and confusion to take a chance at having a happily life together with Sam.

I do wish the book had been longer. Daniel and Gabe still have a lot to go through. In my opinion, Tears for Christmas screams for a sequel. I would love to see how these characters' lives were able to mesh together in the end. I really enjoyed this book and I'm looking forward to reading more from the author, Freddy MacKay in the future.

Book Blurb for Tears for Christmas

After his partner dies Dan, is left to care for their six-year-old son. Gabriel is a new volunteer at a shelter and meets a 'client' running scared. Can Gabe teach Danny to love again? Or will Dan keep running?

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2011 4.50