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Take My Picture

I really had no idea what I was getting into. When I started Take My Picture by Giselle Ellis, I thought I would just read a chapter or three, and then save the rest until morning.
Hours later, I sit here with a light heart because this book ended so happily that I almost wept with joy.  Take My Picture was literally a phenomenal book to read. I can’t believe that the story of Aaron and Jake’s relationship made me experience all kinds of emotions. I cried, laughed, cheered and even fussed at them for being pig-headed for so long. I swear if I wasn’t so tired, I would just start at the beginning of the story, and read it all over again.
It starts off simple enough. Aaron is English and has been living in New York for a relatively short while. When Aaron spots an advertisement calling for a model, he shows up at a very clean and neat studio apartment to try out for the job. Naturally, there are many other men there, all apparently hoping for the modeling job. When a young, good looking photographer walks in, he takes one look at Aaron and declares that he wants Aaron to be his assistant instead.
What follows after that is a riot. The witty banter between Jake and Aaron is hilarious.  There were so many times they would be in the middle of their arguments and I would find myself laughing out laugh. The friendship that was formed, and emotional and sexual chemistry they had  between them was amazing. It was easy to see that they really belonged together.
Jake is sullen and often stays in his own solitary world and Aaron is bold and wants to go places and experience new things. Jake is quiet. Aaron talks a mile a minute. Jake is still and careful. Aaron has ADD and is busy all the time. Even though Jake and Aaron are total opposites; they mesh well together. Without each other they’re a mess. When they’re with each other all is right in their world.
The book spans five years. Even though they are totally interlocked in each others lives, they continue to deny the love they had for each other. This drove me crazy. While they danced around the issue, and endured each other’s boyfriends and one night stands, I found myself fussing and ranting at them. But, even me yelling at the computer screen to them for being blinder than a bat, they still wouldn’t give into their feelings for each other. UGH!
Finally, after a few bad, boneheaded decisions and a terrible separation; (which of course I cried again) not to mention a big push from their friend Alyson AND Aaron’s super sweet boyfriend, Matt, they admit their love for each other.  When they finally make love, it was truly a beautiful moment.
I cannot express how much I loved Aaron and Jake. What made this book so special were the little moments they shared together, and the little things they did for each other.   I could easily picture every single moment in my mind, and I honestly savored each one of them.
Take my Picture by Giselle Ellis will be on my keeper shelf for years to come.  If you believe in true love, but wonder if there really is someone out there for each of us… this is definitely the book for you!!

Book Blurb for Take My Picture

Page Count:  154

Aaron has no idea what he's walking into when he shows up to pose for a famous—and famously bad-tempered—photographer. He certainly doesn't expect to end up working as Jake's assistant for five frustrating, thrilling, and crazy years instead of in front of the camera.

It all works until Jake realizes Aaron has become the focus of his life, a life that's threatened when Aaron actually leaves him to start a relationship with someone else. Though it breaks his heart, Jake realizes he has to set his beloved muse free to have any chance of winning Aaron back.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2010 5.00