Stolen Memories

Stolen Memories by Carol Lynne is a fast-paced, highly enjoyable and sexy romance that kept me enthralled with its storyline from start to finish. As usual, Ms. Lynne’s easy style of writing and creative storytelling not only made Stolen Memories a fun and erotic vampire tale, but one that earned its place on my keeper shelf so I can enjoy it for years to come.

When Aden Brousseau turned nine years old, his life was changed forever. For most of his life, Aden’s mother had suffered from a long termed illness that has kept her mostly bedridden. When she passed away, Aden must move from his beloved home and live under his Aunt and Uncle’s guardianship. For years, he had been fascinated by the aloof and mysterious next door neighbor, Victor DePasse. He had been warned to not only stay off of Victor’s land, but to never communicate with him too. The night before Aden was to leave to live with his new guardians, he decides to ignore the warnings his family has given him about Victor, and trespass onto his land. To his delight, he meets the quiet and surprisingly sweet Victor, and Aden finds himself saddened by having to leave his new friend so soon after they met. Victor not only promises Aden that he will watch out for him, but he will take care of Aden’s ancestral home as well.

Twenty years later, Aden is a successful writer who is in an abusive relationship. One night, his lover goes too far and Aden is knocked unconscious. When he awakens, he’s in Victor’s bedroom. Even though this startles Aden, he’s not overly frightened because he’s always felt a kinship with Victor, even though he hasn’t seen him in twenty years. As the two men start to develop strong feelings for one another, there is a mystery in both Aden and Victor’s past that could keep them apart forever.

I really liked this book. I enjoyed the creative spin Ms. Lynne has on the Vampire Lore in general, and all of the main characters were not only interesting and sexy, but very likeable as well. I don’t want to spoil the story, but I do think that readers should be aware that this has a M/M/M/ and a M/M/M/M ménage play in it. I admit this startled me a little because I didn’t see any indication on the TEB website or the blurb that this has a ménage in it, so those who do not care for ménage play may want to skip this one. I will say that the ménage the main characters must participate in is essential for Victor’s survival, so it didn’t bother me too much. There is also a forbidden kiss between Aden and his maker that might offend some readers, but since I don’t necessarily read romances for realism, but for fantasy, this didn’t bother me either. Otherwise, paranormal readers and fans of Ms. Lynne will highly enjoy her spin on sexy vamps and the sweet and erotic relationship that develops between Aden and Victor as well.

Book Blurb for Stolen Memories


On the eve of his mother's funeral, Aden Brousseau met Victor DePasse for the first time. For years his mother had warned him to stay away from the dark-haired neighbour, but on that particular evening, Aden hadn't listened. He'd been fascinated with the handsome man since the day he'd overheard his mother and grandfather refer to Victor as a vampire.

Now, twenty years later, Aden once again is in the presence of Victor DePasse. Only this time he's older and knows exactly what he wants.

After years of visiting his charge in his dreams, Victor suddenly has the man he's fallen in love with in front of him. Does he defy his orders and make Aden his, or does he obey and give Aden up to his destiny? 

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2010 4.50