Slap and Tickle

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Slap and Tickle

Candy Pants lives his life to the fullest. He’s the most popular stripper at his workplace because of his sexy and original act, and because he loves to be the center of attention. Even though Candy is on top of his game, he knows that his popularity is a temporary one. Time and age will force him to quit, so he’s enjoying the attention, the big paydays and saving money while he can.
Jim is a no-nonsense cop, who wants Candy in his life. Jim’s stability and dominating personality is attractive to Candy. Since Jim is less trusting of others and slightly possessive, he keeps Candy safe and makes Candy feel loved.
As their relationship progresses, Candy has an admirer that showers him with gifts. Will Jim’s possessive nature break them apart, or will be able to realize that Candy doesn’t want anyone but him?
I liked Candy Pants a lot. Candy’s fun and flirty personality made him an interesting hero. He and Jim have good chemistry together and the sex between them was smoking hot! It was good to see them work together and make compromises to be together. There is some mild BDSM themed scenes in the book, but it’s not overkill at all. Jim’s possessiveness makes him the obvious dominant in the relationship, and in Candy’s life in general.
There were a few things I wish had been different about the book. For one thing, when we are introduced to Candy and Jim, they have already been involved with one another for some time. This was okay, but in some ways I felt cheated because we don’t really learn much about their pasts at all. Even though the story was cute and an enjoyably easy read, I wish there had been more to it. There isn’t a lot of plot or angst at all.
I really would have loved to see what made both men tick. Both men were sexy and intriguing. I had a feeling that both heroes had an interesting past and I really would have loved to have gotten to know them better. 
If you are interested in Slap and Tickle and other books written by Drew, he has a very interesting and informative website. Here is the web address if you want to check it out for yourself:

Book Blurb for Slap and Tickle

Gay Erotic Romance, BDSM
91 pages / 28500 words

Candy's a happy guy. He's the star dancer at an all-male strip club. He's got a unique act that makes the audience wild, with his tight red leather outfit and the way he spanks himself. The tips are going to let him retire early, in the style he wants to be accustomed to. Jim's a cop; he's a good cop, a good man. He just has this one little obsession: Candy Pants. Lucky for him, Candy's into him, too, and more than happy to have Jim help keep his ass nice and red for his act.

As their relationship progresses, though, Jim's having trouble accepting that Candy's hanging it all out there for everyone to see, and when a rich admirer comes along, showering Candy with expensive gifts, it has Jim seeing red. Jim and Candy seem perfect for each other, but can they work past Candy's job and Jim's obsession and make a go of it?

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2010 3.75