Rain Play

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Rain Play

Rain Play by CJ Black is a fast paced, erotically charged short story. At just under 25 pages, it's definitely a good way for a quick guilty pleasure if you're looking for a short and sexy erotic read.

Ever since Zach has laid eyes on Mark, he's had a lusty crush on his co-worker. But, since Mark is in a relationship, Zach must admire Mark from afar without allowing him to know about the immense attraction he has for him. But, when Zach finds out the Mark's boyfriend has broken up with him, Zach is torn between throwing himself at his co-worker or waiting until Mark gets over the breakup so he's not the rebound guy, but will he be able to resist the man Zach has wanted most?

I liked this novella. I thought the physical chemistry between Zach and Mark was very intense and the sex scenes between them were very sensual and well written. I liked the easy writing style and quick storytelling ability that CJ Black has. I admit I wish the story had been longer. I would have liked to see more character development between these two interestingly written characters. I thought both Zach and Mark were likeable men and the chemistry between them was certainly hot. I would definitely recommend Rain Play if you are looking for a fun erotic read.

Book Blurb for Rain Play

Zach Wilder has to content himself with lusting after Mark Davis from a distance. His sexy co-worker is already involved and Zach is no home-wrecker. Mark spends most of his time in whispered cell phone conversations with his boyfriend. Zach is nothing more than an eavesdropper until Mark's relationship ends abruptly, leaving Mark heartbroken and available.

Zach steps in willingly and gives Mark the comfort he needs...One taste of Mark and Zach is hooked. However, Zach quickly learns his new lover has interesting...tastes...of his own, a side that pushes boundaries Zach has never before breached.

Is Mark worth overcoming his limits or will Zach just take the memory of that hot encounter and go on his way?

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2011 3.50