Private Property

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Private Property

I absolutely love it when I come across a book that tickles my funny bone. I had no idea that Private Property by Audra Beagle and Chloe West was going to be as humorous as it was. I admit that both authors are new to me, so I didn’t really know what to expect, but when I started reading it I knew pretty much from the first page that I was in for a treat!
Sam Kostas is a mystery writer who is suffering from severe writer’s block. He thought that buying an old Victorian home off the coast of Rhode Island would be just what he needed to clear his head and start his creative juices flowing again. Unfortunately for Sam, his plan hasn’t worked. About the time Sam is starting to get frustrated enough to chunk his old typewriter out the window, a mysterious and very beautiful man rings his doorbell carrying an old suitcase and a big chocolate cake.
Will Adler will almost resort to anything to get his family home back.  He had been hoping to pass the peace pipe with his ex-wife and buy the his ancestral home from her. But, to his utter shock and horror, she’s sold the house out from under him to some crazy, rude, somewhat eccentric writer. Will knows he must do what he can to convince Sam to sell him back his home. When Sam won’t listen to him, Will decides he must do whatever it takes to get back his home.  
What happens next is an every-man-for-himself-all-out-battle between two stubborn individuals. Both men go to extreme and often hilarious lengths to get own way. They just never thought they would fall in love with each other in the process.
I loved this book! It was so much fun to read. I started it last night and before I knew it I was reading the last page. The intense connection between Sam and Will starts out with a bang and never lets up until the last word. I loved watching their relationship revolve from feuding enemies, to reluctant friends and then developing into a deep love that neither man can deny. 
Sam is not your typical hero. Yes, he’s gorgeous, but he’s cranky, more than a little self centered (at first) and took glee in making Will’s life miserable at times. Even though he has some very un-hero-like ways, I adored him. His somewhat anal retentive behaviors was a perfect match for the quirky and very beautiful Will. These men were very well matched and watching them come to terms with their attraction and feelings for each other was a wild ride. Whether Will and Sam are arguing, making love or even just talking; the passion between them amazed me. I loved their rapport and I adored the creative ways they came up with to get under each other’s skin. 
Another great thing I loved about this book was the range of emotions I felt when I read it. Yes, it’s very funny, but it also has some very heartfelt and tender moments in it, too. Not only did I like the main characters, but I thought the secondary characters were as interesting and delightful as Will and Sam were. My only gripe is that I hated for it to end. I’m hoping that one of the secondary characters, Grant, will get his story as well.
Private Property will have a permanent spot on my keeper shelf. I know when I’m in the mood for a funny and romantic book; I’ll reach for this one time and time again.
Unfortunately, I could not find a website for Audra Beagle or Chloe West. I’m looking forward to reading more from this writing team and will definitely look for more by them in the future.

Book Blurb for Private Property

Sam Kostas is a popular mystery writer with a bad case of writer’s block. He’s recently moved to a large Victorian house on the coast of Newport, Rhode Island hoping to gain inspiration for his next novel. However, his writer’s block seems worse than ever, until a strange young man by the name of Will Adler comes into his life with cakes and craziness, and insists that Sam’s house belongs to him. It’s all-out war between the two until they both realize that they actually just might like each other. Maybe. Even as they fall in love, the battle for the house is on until the very end.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2010 5.00