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Precious Jade

I read Precious Jade by Fyn Alexander several days ago. Normally I write my reviews pretty quickly after I’ve read the book I’m to review. After I read Precious Jade, I admit I was conflicted about how I felt about the book, and how I’m going to rate it. Now as I write this review, I’m still slightly conflicted on how I’m going to review and rate it.
Precious Jade is a BDSM themed homoerotic romance set in England in 1885. Jade Swift is an eighteen year old man who has lived a very sheltered and somewhat spoiled life. His mother is a popular actress, and when Jade was a child and up until his voice changed, was a popular singer himself.  His mother insists at eighteen that Jade must find a real job. Jade is able to read and write very well, so he is hired to be a secretary and soon finds himself living in the countryside and in a simpler world that Jade has never experienced before.  Because of the more tolerant lifestyle he’s lived behind the curtain, Jade is totally unprepared for the real world. 
When Jade meets the master of the estate, Marcus Wynterborne, he’s immediately infatuated with him. Marcus is all business and somewhat a cold fish, and he’s nothing like Jade has ever met before. As Marcus’ secretary, he soon finds himself wanting to please his new Master Marcus, and is very disheartened when Marcus is displeased with him in any way.
Soon, a D/s relationship starts to develop between Marcus and Jade. Jade is strictly a novice when it comes to this lifestyle. As Jade learns more about what kind of submissive and what Marcus expects of him, Jade realizes that submitting to Marcus is a very natural thing and although he’s often confused by what is expected be him, he embraces the lifestyle and quickly falls in love with Marcus. When Marcus finds Jade in what looks like a compromising position, he kicks Jade out. Jade must somehow find a way to survive alone and somehow fight his way back into his Master’s life and be his ‘boy’ once more.
Precious Jade is written in first person. I’m personally not a fan of first person romance. I like to know what both my heroes are thinking, and I usually feel cheated when I’m just reading romance by a single point of view. Surprisingly, I didn’t mind the first person aspect of the book that much because I really liked Jade. I enjoyed watching him grow from a spoiled, sheltered man to a man who became more self assured (still spoiled) at the end of the book. 
Jade’s story disturbed me at times. Jade is abused and used by many characters in this book. When Jade sells his body in the second half of the book, this bothered me a great deal. I was saddened by the lack of freedom Jade really has in his life, and the hard choices that he had to make. Once again, I normally do not like this type of storyline at all, but I guess because I was able to experience it all through Jade’s perspective, I enjoyed it and even understood it better than if the book was written in third person.
I did not think the BDSM scenes was that sexy, but I did think they were interesting. I liked the chemistry between Master Marcus and Jade. I understood why each man became enamored with each other and I enjoyed watching them become more connected emotionally to one another as their relationship continued to develop.
Because of the violence that Jade endures I normally would rate this book lower than I have. But, I do think it was essential to the plot, so I’ve decided to rate it higher because I do think that this book was interesting and I liked Jade. A word of warning to some readers: Jade is abused, used and treated very badly quite a bit throughout this book. Because of this, Precious Jade will not be for everyone. 
I’m looking forward to reading more from Fyn Alexander. I found her style of writing and the voice she gave Jade both interesting and addictive to read, I just hated the violence poor Jade had to endure.

Book Blurb for Precious Jade

Genre: BDSM LGBT Erotic Historical

Length: Novel Plus

Jade Swift has always wanted a man to fall madly in love with him and make him his own. He wants to be mastered. When he meets Marcus Wynterbourne, a dominant man with a passion for the whip, it is love at first sight.

Marcus is an MP, gay, and trying to live as freely as he can in 1885 when his sexuality's not tolerated and his association with the beautiful Jade leads to rampant speculation. Hurt by a past betrayal, and unable to accept Jade's loyalty because of his flirtatious nature, he casts Jade out of his house.

But Jade loves his Master and wants only to please him. Determined, he will do what he must to win his Master's trust and restore his reputation amongst others who would ruin him. 

Publisher's Note: This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: Anal play/intercourse, BDSM theme and content, exhibitionism, flogging/spanking/whipping, male/male sexual practices, voyeurism.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2010 3.75