Pit Road

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Pit Road

Running Under Caution, Book 1

Pit Road by Anah Crow and Dianne Fox is a fun, fast-paced read with highly likeable, well written characters. Pit Road tackles the realistic subject of homophobia within the sports of race car driving and because of this, having to live life deeply closeted.

Denny Clay has come a long way from living life in a trailer park. As a sprint car racer, Denny has won many races and is finally able to start living his life away from his not so noble childhood. Although, Denny is able to finally start living his life on his own terms, he must keep the love of his life, Sully Price, who is also Denny’s head mechanic, out of the public’s eye. But, when Denny is injured in a terrible crash, Denny and Sully must face with the real possibility that the comfortable life that they lived before is all about to change. Is Denny and Sully’s love strong enough to fight the obstacles that are constantly thrown their way?

I really liked this book. Both Denny and Sully are interesting and very likeable men. Denny is stubbornly private and determined to live a life better than where he came from. His stubbornness and determination is put to the test when he is injured, and he must do some heavy soul searching to come out even stronger in the end with his lover Sully at his side.

I loved Sully! Sully is an amazing mechanic who happens to be even more determined and stubborn than his race car lover, Denny. It is Sully who refuses to let Denny wallow from his injuries. His love and sheer determination to get Denny back on his feet was a beautiful thing to watch. I thought the love and respect that both of these men had for each other was amazing, and it was fun to watch the sparks fly between them…in and out of the bedroom.

The banter between Denny and Sully was fun to read too. There were both funny and bittersweet moments in this book that kept this reader on her seat throughout the novel. Denny and Sully are two characters that truly fit together. Even faced with the real possibility that Denny will never be able to race again, these men push themselves up and tackle any adversity that comes their way. Together. There is truly a wonderful partnership between them and because of that, it makes, Pit Road a sexy, solid read.

Book Blurb for Pit Road

True love has no brakes.

Denny Clay never had much going for him, until the racing circuit took him out of the trailer park and away from his bigoted family. Luck smiled on him, and now he's settled down-in the closet-with his crew chief and boyfriend, Sully Price.

Though they're winning races and the fight to keep their relationship secret, Denny can't shake the feeling he's going to have to pay up for all this happiness. He never imagined reckoning would come in the form of a rare medical condition that might cost him his career. And maybe Sully too.

For once, Sully's at a loss, with nothing in his fix-everything toolbox designed to repair his broken lover-or stop Denny's inevitable slide into a black hole of self-loathing. With a little creativity and a few kinky accessories, Sully shifts into overdrive in the race to get Denny turned around. And prays that his stubborn persistence doesn't drive their love into a ditch.

Warning: Broken heroes, hot sex, and one man's hardcore determination to keep his lover in one piece.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2012 4.50