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When Holton throws a birthday party for his seventy year old father, he gets more than he bargained for. Although Holton is always glad to see everyone, he's also quiet and quite shy. Because of this, he's usually content to be a watcher in life instead of being in the mist of things. Now that his parents are both getting older and because they aren't in the best of health, Holton worries about their well-being. As the party progresses, he continues to stand off to the side and keeps an eagle eye on both of them. But, when Holton overhears some people talking about how much he looks exactly like his father, he is somewhat startled. Because Holton is overweight and doesn't eat healthily, it suddenly dawns on him that if he keeps living as he does, he too will be have the same health problems as his father does. Holton becomes determined to change his life. He starts to eat more healthy foods and immediately joins the gym.

Holton is both anxious and excited about changing his life for the better. The first day he arrives at the gym he meets Marcus, who is not only his personal trainer, but he also runs the gym. To Holton's dismay, not only is Marcus the best looking man he's ever met, but he's also sweet, funny and intelligent and Holton can't help but fall for him. Although, Marcus is always nice to Holton, Holton doesn't kid himself when it comes to Marcus being possibly attracted to him. He knows the beautiful younger man would never look twice at an overweight, average, middle-aged guy like him. But, as the weeks go by and Holton's determination and with his hard work he starts shedding the pounds and is surprised by Marcus' interest in him. Will Holton be able to get past his shyness and take a chance on finding true love?

I love Andrew Grey's books. His characters are always likeable, humanly flawed people that I have always thought I could be friends with in real life. Their issues are never sugar coated and as the story progresses they have to come to terms with whatever fear or issue that has been holding them back from having the life that they have always dreamed about having. In Personal Training, I really loved how Holton fights his demons and learns to trust not only himself to change and branch out to have friends in his life, he also take a chance on love. Marcus too, must do some soul searching in this book and quickly becomes extremely worthy of Holton's love.

Personal Training is the sixth book in the Work Out series. Mr. Grey writes fantastic series romances AND as the series progresses he continues to allow us to see how the other characters, who we fall in love with from previous books, are doing as time has gone by. I highly recommend The Work Out series and even though you probably could read Personal Trainer as a stand-alone book, I highly recommend you read this series is book order because all of the characters in this series are amazing and you'll most likely fall in love with all of them.

Here are the names of the Work Out books in series order:

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Personal Training

Book Blurb for Personal Training

Determined not to end up like his seventy-year-old diabetic father, Holton knows he needs to make a change. His quest to improve his health drives him to the gym, where he meets Marcus, a trainer with the body of a demigod. For three months Holton works hard, watches what he eats, drops a few pounds—and catches Marcus's eye not only for his slimmer body but for his dedication.

Holton can barely believe it when Marcus asks him out, but he isn’t about to say no. Despite several common interests, though, Marcus and Holton have some roadblocks to overcome. A harrowing event from Holton’s past has made him gun-shy, and Marcus has insecurities of his own. If their relationship is going to work, they’ll have to get past their hang-ups and prove that what really matters is the man inside.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2011 4.50