One Small Step

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One Small Step

One Small Step by Stevie Woods is a short and sweet ‘gay for you’ themed novella that is a quick and satisfying read from beginning to end. At just under twenty-seven pages, it reads like a longer novel with its interesting characters and its fast paced storyline.
Gary and Stephen have an amazing relationship. Not only are they best friends, but they also have a great working relationship and spend most of their down time in each other’s company. Lately, the friendly feelings that have for each other have blossomed into more. This presents a problem because although Stephen is homosexual, Gary isn’t, and he’s afraid of this new love and passionate feelings he has for Stephen. One night some passionate kissing leads to Gary freaking out and wondering if he can actually have a relationship with another man.  He clumsily pushes Stephen away, and as Stephen walks out the door, Gary realizes that he’s possible thrown away the greatest love he’ll ever have.
Will he be able to get rid of his fear of giving into his attraction to Stephen, and be able to win him back in the end? 
I really enjoyed this novella. I thought both characters were both interesting, and I loved watching Gary give into his feelings and attraction to the sexy Stephen. For the short amount of pages, One Small Step really packed a lot of hot chemistry and loving affection between the two heroes. My only gripe is that is WAS so short. I would love to revisit them when decide to truly come out to their friends and family. Even though it might be a difficult road ahead for them, I think the obvious love and affection they feel for one another will grow and flourish through the test of time.
Stevie has a very interesting and informative website. Here is the link if you want to check it out:

Book Blurb for One Small Step

27 pages / 3 Novas

Stephen has known since he was a teenager that he was gay, but Gary has only recently accepted that he loves Stephen as more than just a friend. Accepting his feelings is one thing, acting on them is another and Gary pulls back at the intimate moment.

Stephen is not about to give up on a relationship with the man he loves and decides to woo Gary, to help ease him into that one small step that will lead to the sexual relationship they both want. Gary agrees to go on a date with him, but Stephen plays a more subtle game that Gary realizes.

However, Stephen's plan is interrupted when he becomes ill following a business dinner. Will it be enough to derail the dinner date Stephen has planned with Gary for the coming Friday night?


Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2010 4.50