My Forever

My Forever is the first book I've read by Nikki McCoy and it definitely won't be my last. I really enjoyed the easy style of writing Ms. McCoy has and her ability to draw this reader into her fast paced, romantic tale that left this reader satisfied and ready for more.

Everything is not what it seems when it comes to the life of Lucas Matthews. He's determined try and live a low key existence and be happily successful at owning his own liquor store. For some time, he's been keeping a watchful eye on his employee, Kyle Jennings. Because of the secrets that he keeps, Lucas has been fighting the attraction he has for Kyle. But, lately he's noticed that there is something not quite right about the younger man, and he becomes determined to find out what's going on with him.

Kyle has had an abusive boyfriend for far too long. Even though he's tried to leave, he can't get away from him and here lately, Kyle hasn't been able to hide his abused body and spirit like he once could have. Just being around his boss, Lucas, makes Kyle long for the freedom to be his own man and hopefully be someone who matters to Lucas. Kyle gets that chance when the abusive situation at home becomes too much and Lucas steps in and with friendship and determination, removes Kyle from the abuse. But, in doing this both men find themselves in a situation that forces them to reveal their secrets to one another. Will they be able to find honestly and trust between them so their love can grow?

I really liked this book. Both Lucas and Kyle do a lot of soul searching and character development as the story develops. Both are very likeable characters and I thought the relationship that blossomed between them made this a very interesting and romantic read. I liked the paranormal twist to the plot and the world that Ms. McCoy created was definitely a uniquely written and fascinating one. I really enjoyed watching the love and trust grow between Lucas and Kyle, and thought they made a great partnership together.

I would like to note that the relationship that Lucas and Kyle has grows pretty quickly as the story progresses. Some might question Kyle's ability to quickly get over his abusive situation and throw himself into such a heavy relationship with Lucas so soon. In my opinion, I kind of understood why Kyle was enamored so quickly with Lucas. Lucas was in many ways Kyle's hero and he showed him what feeling safe and having a true friendship was truly like. No wonder Kyle was able to get past years of neglect and abuse to have a chance for a happy life with Lucas. I loved the inner strength that both characters portrayed in this book and I truly hated to see it come to an end.

Ms. McCoy has a very interesting and informative website. For more information about Nikki McCoy and her other works you can visit her website by clicking onto this link:

Book Blurb for My Forever

Two men moulded by the fierceness and pain of their lives form a bond that ignites their passion, but will their love be strong enough to endure the violence of their pasts?

Lucas Matthews has loyally served his race for over two centuries, forced to kill the criminals of his own kind. When his Commander decided to take their laws into his own hands and give Lucas the choice to join his select group of rebels or die, Lucas ran. He refused to bow down to the corruption of his commander and kill humans for profit. After four years of hiding and six years of well-earned peace, his life was once more turned upside down when a small wisp of a man captured his heart.

Kyle Jennings’ desperate need to find love and acceptance landed him under the cruel domination of a sadistic boyfriend for five years. When Lucas appeared to rescue him one day, like a fierce, protective hero, he found himself succumbing to the gentle yet firm hand of the Dom. Through guidance and care, he finally found the courage to regain his independence and willingly surrender his control to Lucas.

Together, they create a soul-bond forged in love, but they must fight to keep it. With the Commander once again on Lucas’ trail, they each find themselves with a decision to make. Will Lucas have to forfeit his freedom for the sake of his love’s happiness, or will Kyle choose to sacrifice his life for his Dom?

Reader Advisory: This book contains hot M/M sex, explicit language, violence, light BDSM, and love that knows no boundaries. 

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2011 4.25