Man of His Dreams

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Man of His Dreams

Man of his Dreams is the first book I've read by John Jockel. I'm always on the lookout for new authors (for me) and was excited to read this book once I had read the blurb. The whole movie star/ordinary guy theme intrigued me and once I started this book I read it all the way through without stopping. I thought the main character, Zach Regan, was interesting and I couldn't help but rally behind him with his quest to find himself as the book progressed.

Zach has had a crush on sexy movie star, Matt Maddox. Even before Zach realized he was gay teenager, it was Matt who made his heart flutter and his body quake with desire. As Zach learns to accept his homosexuality, he goes through many trials and sexual tribulations to find out more about himself as he becomes a man. Even though traveling the world and becoming a journalist has opened Zach up to many things, he cannot forget his attraction and crush he has on his teenaged dream, Matt. When Zach has an opportunity to meet and interview his dream man will Matt be able to do what it takes to get the man of dreams in his bed and win his heart forever?

I liked this book for what it was. As I mentioned before there is a lot of illicit sex, voyeurism, m‚nages and exhibitionism in this story. Zach is determined to mold himself into a man that Matt will take notice of and fall for. Zach changes quite a bit throughout this book, but he still remains a nice and highly likeable guy. I think that is one of the main reasons I liked the book in general was because I liked Zach, and I wanted him to win over his Prince Charming.

Matt was a harder sell for me. In some ways, he's written perfectly because of his self-evolved manner and his promiscuousness. Unfortunately, I think in all fairness I didn't have time as a reader to warm up to him. He doesn't appear until the last part of the book, so I wasn't able to like him as I did Zach. In the end, I wish that Mr. Jockel had spent more time developing their relationship because I really do believe that their heroes did have a lot of potential.

Man of His Dreams fell a little short of my expectations. I really loved the idea of the story, but the short amount of time between Zach and Matt and the lack of emotional chemistry between them left me wanting more.but this is the romantic reader in me. For gay erotica, there are some sizzling scenes that will keep fans of gay erotica happily satisfied. Mr. Jockel's fast paced and interesting style of writing with definitely keep readers intrigued with Zach's adventures to find himself and to grow into the man he became.

Book Blurb for Man of His Dreams

Ever since journalist Zack Regan was a kid, he's had a mad crush on a movie star named Matt Maddox, a hot action hero who is rumored to secretly sleep with every man he can. But Zach knows Maddox is out of reach. Or is he?

When he gets assigned to meet Matt Maddox for an interview, Zack knows it's his big chance. The young journalist has one shot at taming the over-sexed movie/star and molding him into the kind of man he wants- and a man he can keep. The man of his dreams is waiting. But can Zach find the nerve, the confidence and the smarts to play and win at sexual politics?

In The Man of His Dreams John Jockel, author of Marrakesh and editor of Manthology, spins a spicy, sexually charged tale of sexual fantasy, sexual reality, and just plain sex.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2011 3.75