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Lust & Fae

Anything Goes, Book One

Lust and Fae by Joyee Flynn is the first book in the Anything Goes series. This is the second book I’ve read by Ms. Flynn and I have to admit she’s quickly becoming a must read author for me. Once I started Lust and Fae, I couldn’t put it down. I became quickly addicted to the fast paced and creatively written storyline and her amazingly sexy characters.

As with the other book I’ve read and reviewed by Ms. Flynn, I’m going to have a hard time reviewing this book. There are many interesting twists and turns throughout this book, so I’ll try to thread carefully without giving anything away.

Anything Goes is a club owned by five lust demons. Cal is one of the owners who really loves his job. Since Lust Demons feeds off of sex, Cal is known to be very promiscuous and often has thralls of willing men who love to throw themselves at his irresistible feet. Even though Cal never believes that he’ll ever find a soul mate for himself, he’s secretly a romantic at heart. He’s been known to point others in the right direction so they can receive the happy ever after he knows he’ll never have for himself.

One night when a Virgin Fae forbiddingly enters his club, Cal’s first instinct is to throw him out. To Cal’s dismay, there is something about the sweet and sexy Fae named Gabe, that makes Cal want to protect him. Soon, Cal finds himself doing things he’d never thought he do to not only keep Gabe safe, he feels his heart opening up to the sexy sprite as well. But, there are beings that want the innocent Gabe for themselves, and Cal must do what he can to keep the Fae that’s stolen his heart safe.

Lust and Fae is written in first person with Cal’s point of view. I admit that first person is not my favorite viewpoint when I read romance because I want to know what both of my heroes are thinking.  BUT, I really enjoyed knowing what was on Cal’s mind at all times. He’s such an interesting, beautifully flawed and well-written hero; I didn’t feel like I missed very much. Plus, Ms. Flynn’s easy and descriptive style of writing made it very easy to know what was on Gabe’s mind as well. 

There are a couple of things that I loved about this book. One is Cal and the other is Gabe. Both characters are compelling, sexy and uniquely interesting heroes that I found myself easily becoming captivated with as the book progressed. I really liked them both as individual characters, but I absolutely loved the intense chemistry and love that they had for one another. Not only did they have a strong emotional bond between them, they had sexual chemistry that steamed up my e-reader during the course of the story.

I really loved this book! Lust and Fae is a highly addictive read with some very sexy characters, and it’s a great start to what seems to be a great series.

Ms. Flynn has a very informative and sexy website. Here is the link to check it out:

Book Blurb for Lust & Fae

m/m, paranormal
Page Count: 164

Cal has been alone all his life. After all, lust demons aren't known for their ability to fall in love. For centuries, he's used his gifts to help others find the happy ending he felt he would never have. When a virgin fae, Gabe, walks into his club, Cal is immediately struck by the little sprite's good looks. Knowing the fae's natural magnetism could ignite a riot, Cal immediately rushes Gabe out of the club, only to find out he was sent to be Cal's mate. But Gabe is in trouble. The evil halfers seek fae essence to become human. Knowing Gabe is in danger sets off every protective instinct within Cal. Can a lust demon defy convention and find his happy ending with an innocent fae? 

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2011 5.00