Lemon Kisses

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Lemon Kisses

Lemon Kisses is a multi-authored Yaoi themed anthology. There are four different stories in this book and every story is fresh and different from the other. 
Your Fantasy Or Mine by A. Steele
Seth is in love with his best friend Kevin. But, unfortunately for Seth, Kevin is very straight and a self proclaimed womanizer as well. When both men get sloshed at the company New Year’s Eve party, Kevin confesses a few things to Seth. He tells Seth that he has a sexual fantasy that involves being kidnapped and forced by a Domme (or two) to endure some BDSM themed sexual acts. To top off the sexual fantasy, Kevin gives Seth an amazing New Year’s kiss that is better than any imagined kiss Seth has envisioned having with Kevin. Unfortunately for Seth in the following day and months afterward, Kevin claims he doesn’t remember that night and he continues to sleep with every woman he comes across. When Kevin starts sleeping with a woman who looks a lot like Seth, he becomes determined to show Kevin that they really belong together and to prove he’s not a straight as he claims to be. But, when Seth’s plan goes horribly wrong will he lose Kevin and his friendship forever?
I’ve always liked the “Gay for you” themed books, so I was really hoping to see the sexy but womanizing Kevin fall hard for the sweet and equally sexy Seth. I liked the heated chemistry between the two men and I thought they would fit well together.
I did not care for the forced seduction from “Vader” at all. Even Kevin was furious about being “raped” by the man and vowed to hunt him down and do him bodily harm. Also, even though Kevin does admit to himself and to Seth that he has NO intention of giving up women, but he also intends on keeping something going on with Seth on the side, so it has a HFN ending.
Amorela Veritath by Eon de Beaumont
Celestrian is a unicorn who can also shift into a human form. But, his long silver hair and the small horn that sticks out of his forehead when he is shifted as a human puts him in grave danger to those who would like to hunt him down and kill him.  Unicorns are believed to be exterminated, but when Celestrian was young his parents took him to a Dragon for his protection. It was right after Celestrian was adopted by his Mother Dragon that all of the Unicorns were supposedly killed in the battle of Grimthorn.
Now, many years later, his Mother Dragon is dying. Her magic has kept the glades safe. But, with her death, her magic will disappear. Mother Dragon tells Celestrian that she believes there are other unicorns that survived the battle. He must find the others, so he can keep the glade safe from harm. After her death, Celestrian leaves the only home he’s ever known and starts a new life.
But, Celestrian knows he can’t do this alone. He needs a hero. 
Renwald Mallorian has dreamed of being a hero. Instead he’s just an accountant’s apprentice. Ren decides to take matters into his own hands and borrows money to buy enchanted clothes and weapons. Others think he’s chasing a pipe dream, but Ren is determined to be the hero he knows he can be. When he spots a beautiful man in the tavern who is seeking a guide and hero, Ren knows he’s just the man for the job, even if he thinks the man, Celestrian is off his rocker. After all, the man can’t be a unicorn, right? Even if he does have a small horn in the middle of his forehead.
What follows next is a romp of fun and unique adventure for both of them. 
I really loved this story. I loved all of the interesting characters, and absolutely fell in love with the sweet Celestrian and the adventurous Ren. I loved the chemistry and the emotional connection they had together and I appreciated how relationship developed throughout the story. This is the longest stories in this anthology and it’s my favorite out of all of them. It’s around a hundred pages of passion, humor, drama, intrigue, adventure, fantasy and most of all…love. If I was to rate this story alone, I would give it five stars. I loved it. It was definitely fun to read and I really hated to see it end.
Bitter Fruit by Imari Jade
Kin Watanabe is a sweet and innocent young man. To pass the time away, Kin often sings during his breaks at work. As he stood outside of the restaurant singing, he captures a record producer’s interest. The producer, Takai, insists that he has a voice of an angel and wants to make him a star. Kin is unsure of this offer, and tells Takai that he’ll think about it and give him a call for a couple of days. When Kin discusses his encounter with his best friend Hoshi, who happens to play guitar in a band.  Hoshi insists that Takai is one of the biggest producers out there and the next day both men go to the record company and are contracted together as the band called Bitter Fruit.
Kin is overwhelmed by the big change in his life. He endures a big make-over and is suddenly desired by many female admirers. This is a problem for Kin because he is a virgin and he doesn’t know how he feels about women. To make matters worse, he starts to realize he’s attracted to Takai, and he’s pretty sure the older man is straight.
Takai Nakagawa is a very successful record producer. For years he’s had many girlfriends come in and out of his life, but he longs for something more. When he meets and gets to know the innocent and very beautiful Kin, he’s captivated by his inner sweetness and amazing talent. Soon, Takai starts to have fantasies about being with Kin and before he knows it he and Kin start a whirlwind affair.
But, Kin is very naïve, young and innocent. Should Takai allow him to sow his oats and make sure that it’s Takai that he really wants? 
This story definitely had the gay for you theme going. Neither man had really been attracted to men before being with one another. The story moved alone pretty quickly, but I never really felt a big connection between Kin and Takai. I liked them both, but I’m unsure that they will really make it in the long run. 
Also, I would like to point out that this story has some ‘girl cooties’ in it. Both Kin and Takai sleep with women as they are trying to come to terms with how they feel about each other. I understood why Kin slept with a couple of girls because he’s experimenting with his sexuality, but Takai sleeps with a woman to get over Kin. This may bother some and not others.
The Daemon Within by BJ Franklin
Miki Fairbairn’s life has been turned upside down. One moment he is running late for a modeling shoot, and the next he finds out he is a child of a daemon named Ninurta. With this information comes a lot of change. There are others out to kill him, other daemon’s who want to sleep with him, and now he has a destiny to fulfill. 
When Alek Richardson first spotted Miki’s photograph he knew he was a child of Ninurta. Those purple eyes and pretty looks are a trait of Ninurta’s children. Since he is a successful model himself, he requests a shoot with Miki. After a sexy photo spread together, Alek whisks Miki away. He takes him to his house, where there are strange symbols that are invisible to the naked eye, but stand out to any other daemon that comes across it. 
At Alek’s house, he tells Miki he is also a daemon, but he is a child of Kali, who was once Ninurta’s mate. Miki then meets other breathtaking daemons and finds out the truth about his birthright. Alek tells him about the heartbreaking past of the daemons Ninurta and Kali, and why it’s important for a descent of each daemon must sleep together so they can achieve great power and more.
Since there is a natural attraction and connection between Alek and Miki, they become lovers. But, there is others who want Miki and the power that being with him can bring. Will the lovers be able to keep Miki safe?
I really liked this story. It was hard to review because I didn’t want to spoil it. Kali and Ninurta’s story is very interesting as well as the unique spin of the daemons themselves. I really liked Miki and Alek. I thought they had great sexual and emotional chemistry together and I enjoyed reading about them. The Daemon Within is very creative and fast paced. My only gripe is that I wish it had been longer!
Lemon Kisses was a very good book. Out of the four stories I liked Amorela Veritath by Eon de Beaumont and The Daemon Within by B.J. Franklin the best, but the other two stories were good too. One of the good things about his anthology is that it will have something for everyone’s flavor. All of the stories are unique and fast paced. It’s definitely a good way to escape everyday life for a few hours.

Book Blurb for Lemon Kisses

# of pages or word count: 230 pages
Genre: Yaoi BDSM M/M erotic romance anthology
Heat rating: 5 Novas

Lemon Kisses contains four tales of love, lust and passion between beautiful men. Two friends explore their darkest fantasies. A young man becomes a hero and finds true love in the most unexpected way. A wealthy record executive risks everything for a pair of soft lips. And a group of models with an ancient secret join together to realize their power and defeat a deadly enemy.

Includes "Your Fantasy or Mine" by A. Steele, "Amorela Veritath" by Eon de Beaumont, "Bitter Fruit" by Imari Jade, and "The Daemon Within" by B.J. Franklin


Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2010 4.00